Emily is way more detail-oriented than any of her friends. She carefully follows clues about A, including figuring out stuff that none of them noticed, like a suicide note being comprised of texts from A, or leading her friends to the graveyard based on map sent to her house. She doesn’t like change, or the thought of moving to Texas away from her friends and the place she grew up. Much of her room still shows things from her past interests and life, including the marks on the closet door where her mother traced her height changes over the years. She has been a swimming champion for many years and persisted in doing it, enough that heading toward college she has a good chance to get a scholarship for it. Unlike her friends, though, Emily is way more concerned with what other people think than standing by her own feelings. She says she had to learn to not do things for other people, or for that not to be her only reason for doing them (“I had to learn to swim for me, because I enjoy it”). She’s reluctant to ‘come out’ to her mom, because she’s afraid of what they might think of her, but also impatient when dating Paige because “it feels like a step back [into the closet]” to have to be hiding the truth all the time. Most of the time, she has no problem adjusting her feelings to mirror other people or attend to their emotional needs, and she needs them to be “okay” with her decisions. Emily will go along with things that make her uncomfortable, just because her friends ask it from her. She also cares about motivations and figuring things out; she wants to know WHY A is doing what she’s doing, what they did to deserve this, etc, because it’s not enough just to resolve a mystery, it has to make sense to her. She slows a lot of lower intuition in her willingness to change her theories and suspects as she gets more information, but she rarely volunteers ideas without thinking about them first.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Emily hates conflict and tries to keep everyone around her happy, often refusing to assert herself in the process. She winds up lying about things so that her mom won’t talk to her about them, or feel bad, and struggles to be clear or stand up for herself. Where Hanna is very direct and assertive, Emily doesn’t want to create scenes, because it makes her feel uncomfortable. She doesn’t want her parents to know about her sexual orientation in case they don’t like it, and then feels bad when her mom struggles to accept it. She often gets angry about being pushed around, but also lapses into lower 6 anxiety in times of stress. If she can’t predict what A is going to do, or what might happen, or how someone is going to respond to her, she becomes fearful, consults with her friends on a plan of action, etc. But most of the time, she trusts her own judgment and makes decisions from her instincts, including faking a college acceptance letter so her mom will let her stay in her home town for her senior year of high school. Emily’s 1 wing acts up a lot, in the sense that she’s riddled with guilt. She doesn’t like lying to people, because it’s insincere; but she can also stand up to people and sometimes tell them off for their bad behavior.

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