George is very focused on practical things – he wants to learn how to farm so that he can contribute to “growing food” for the masses. He spends a lot of his time out there working the land, handling horses, etc., when he’s not studying astronomy and staring at the stars. He is very apprehensive about things he has never done before, such as being intimate with his wife, while keeping up appearances—he gets upset when Charlotte bulldozes her way through protocol, because it not only inconveniences him to be caught off guard, it “looks bad” (she is on her honeymoon, he reasons, she ought not to be seen in public!). Many of his decisions are emotional and either made for how something looks, or for what he feels is the greater good—unfortunately, he can make choices for other people at times without consulting them, leading to them getting the wrong idea. Charlotte doesn’t understand that he keeps away from her because he feels unworthy of her, and instead thinks that he doesn’t like her or want to be married to her. George allows himself to be tortured by his doctor in hopes of finding a cure, to live up to the expectations of the throne and the responsibilities of his office. When pushed, he can be very articulate about his feelings and apologetic for misunderstandings. George also spends a lot of time learning, trying to understand things, and seeking unorthodox methods to cure his illness. But he is a poor judge of character, choosing to place his life in the hands of a physician who mistreats him for “science.” And his decisions show a lack of appreciation for the big picture—how his wife will feel about him abandoning her, how it will look to the public if he doesn’t go through with his honeymoon, etc.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

George is withdrawn in the sense that he’d rather spend his time farming and staring at the stars than engaging with other people or attending to the duties of the crown, but he willingly subjugates himself all the time to desires of others. At one point, he angrily confronts his mother with a list of the things she told him to do, which he has done, out of “duty” to her and to his kingdom. His own low self-regard causes him to make himself smaller in his wife’s life—to avoid her, to not consummate their marriage, etc, because of an over-fixation on himself as broken/damaged and her as being “perfect.” 9s can over-emphasize others’ good traits and positive qualities while being full of self-loathing through their self-critical 1 wing. But duty, honor, and obligation drive him to turn his life over to a physician and to endure torture in the name of healing him, including ice-water dunkings and even being burned by a hot poker. He’s too passive to stand up for himself, so it takes Charlotte to rescue him and insist that he has the authority of a king. George tends to run away from things that make him feel uncomfortable and avoid them – such as public appearances and being around his wife, except when she accepts him for who he is.

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