Spencer is very much a doer, who is constantly on top of her homework at all times. She’s a lot like Hermione Granger in that all she cares about is getting good grades. She’s far more organized than any of her friends, is driven in ensuring she succeeds at whatever she puts her mind to, and is very focused on her eventual plans for her life (college and beyond). She also immediately leaps into action, chasing down suspects, clues, and according to her friends, playing “Nancy Drew.” She’s often out at night, tracking records, following people, and sometimes getting into trouble and/or finding herself in peril, such as when a suspect tries to kill her on the church bell tower. Spencer often uses shortcuts when pushed into a corner, but this also comes as a result of her tendency to loop into tertiary Se—she’s impulsive as hell. In one episode, she turns in her sister’s paper as an essay of her own, wins an award for it, and then has to clean up the mess. In another, she steals and pawns her sister’s wedding ring to buy a car for Tobey, and by the time she gets back on Monday to pick it up, “A” has taken it. She has a history of kissing her sister’s boyfriends/fiancés. Spencer will break in places, steal things, go out at night unaccompanied, and wind up in trouble with the police. She shows flits of Ni in her specificity in what she wants for her future, in her constant theorizing about who A is and what their motivations are, and who might be responsible for what, and in her uncanny insights into other people. Aria says that Spencer has the best sense of timing of anyone she’s ever met, and so she asks her for advice how long to “wait” for a guy. Spencer is not emotional, but she can be deeply caring and supportive of her friends and family. She feels angry and upset when her sister chooses to believe others over her, and is aggrieved that her parents never seem to “choose” her first. She was the only person to stand up to Allison and to defy her, because she saw many of her behaviors as wrong or mean to other people. On occasion, she becomes moody and withdrawn, but for the most part, she ignores her emotions and puts them aside to get things done.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Spencer is highly proactive, competitive, and assertive, and has to bite her tongue around Mona for a while, once she finds out Mona has taken over her position on the fashion committee – but she knows it would look bad to react, so she plays it cool and vents to her boyfriend in private. She’s incredibly driven, focused, and competent; she’s juggling a bunch of things all the time – social engagements, volunteer work, school work, signing up for extra classes, etc., all to please her parents. She’s never had a good relationship with her sister, because of intense competition against her to get their parents’ approval. Spencer is active in researching who “A” might be, and in directly going after them—and sometimes puts herself at risk in the process. Spencer has a 4 wing in the sense that she’s very driven and task-oriented, but is also somewhat self-centered in how she goes about things — she does ‘bad’ things (by her own admission) for ‘good reasons,’ such as when she steals her sister’s wedding ring and pawns it, so she can get her boyfriend a car over the weekend. She thinks they should hold a funeral for her brother-in-law, for her sisters’ sake, even though her parents want to forget all about it and deny it ever happened, out of shame for his role in Allison’s death. She gets annoyed if others doubt her competency or question her judgment, but can also be hard on herself for her mistakes. And she’s not above cheating to get a good grade—she steals her sister’s paper and hands it in as hers, after lacking the time and inspiration to come up with her own original topic.

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