Kitty puts a lot of stock in how instinctively she knows who belongs together—she is a match maker who instantly senses connections between others and pushes them together. ENPs are often very interested in others’ life journeys and inclined to nudge people in a more impressive direction or up a path they wouldn’t have seen for themselves, but they often do it without much nuance. This includes her maneuvering two guys into dating each other by trading her spot with one of them in chemistry class. She’s idealistic and impulsive, leaving for KISS academy only a few days before the start of term and assuming it’s all going to work out great (Ne). The downside of this is that she doesn’t check on details, and winds up in the boy’s dorm – and then chooses to stay there because she hates her roommate, causing her eventual expulsion (low Si inattentiveness to the rules). Kitty is forever theorizing about things—assuming people are into each other, sensing the connection between them, thinking that her mom had a baby out of wedlock and then revising this theory on the spot when she finds out it’s wrong, etc. Her middle functions are less easy to discern, but she doesn’t seem to have many core values, she talks incessantly about her feelings, and she struggles to understand her own emotions at times, especially about Yuri. She tends to haphazardly throw people together in an interfering manner, without finding out much about their personal interests or values, or considering any of that a potential problem. Kitty shares a lot of her thoughts as they happen, easily makes friends, and is generally accepting of everyone. She’s also good at problem-solving, coming up with explanations without evidence, and thinking her way out of problems on the spot (such as breaking into the hospital records by noticing that a doctor and a nurse are in love, and pretending that the flowers she’s carrying are from him, to distract them both long enough for her to sneak into the records room). Kitty has no real sense of privacy or respect for it in others and is somewhat invasive in wanting to uncover “the truth.”

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Kitty is always reframing things positively and fantasizing about the future and how it’s going to be wonderful—she tries to make bad situations into good ones and polish them up, is optimistic, and sure of herself—she goes running off to Korea to surprise her boyfriend, and then can’t stand the idea of him not being into her and lying to her, so she theorizes that he’s faking his relationship (it’s true). She expects things to turn out well wherever she goes, but also has to learn to put in a lot of work to pass her exams. She dips regularly into 6 wing negativity and anxiety about her situation, but quickly bounces back into cheerfulness, cheering on her friends, and being happy and self-assured. Sometimes, we see her line to 1 come out strongly—such as when she criticizes a friend’s boyfriend for cheating, when “the rest of us have to work our butts off!”

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