Kitty is a lot like Puss—she’s a smooth-talking, fast-acting feline, but she has more of a plan than he does and doesn’t care to deviate from it. She’s got a nimble sense of right and wrong, based on what’s practical and realistic in the scenario, and at times, is inclined to steal things, or sell people out for an advantage, before eventually her lower Fe starts feeling bad about it, and wanting to do something for the collective greater good. She’s mostly for herself at the start of the second film, but then finds camaraderie with Puss and “the dog,” and tries to make him feel welcome. But she’s not exactly in touch with her own feelings that much, and doesn’t really know how to handle other people’s either, so she awkwardly breaks into conversations and redirects them, or pretends like she didn’t hear anything they were saying to avoid feelings. Kitty is a quick-footed sneaky feline who thinks fast on her feet, throws herself into action, takes on an entire garrison full of soldiers to free Puss from prison, and doesn’t worry about getting out of scrapes, because she usually lands on her feet. But she’s also more reclusive, secretive, and something of a loner than Puss is, and has less concern for people’s needs (lower Fe).

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sp/so

Kitty has “trust issues,” but also easily moves toward Puss the first time she meets him, and flirts with him, and makes him interested in her, so that she can get further with her boss. But her conscience starts bothering her, and she winds up saving Puss instead, taking back all of her wrong actions, and looking forward to meeting up with him again. By the time of the second film, they’ve broken up—since he left her standing at the altar, and now she doesn’t “trust him.” It takes Puss a long time, a great many confessions, and proving himself before she will let him into her heart again, and even then she holds him at a slight distance. Kitty is more interested in analyzing things and seeing what the best route might be, rather than just leaping in without a plan. She insists she’s a single cat, out on her own, but almost always falls in with a group and winds up protecting them along with herself; she can’t just be ‘for me,’ inevitably she winds up being for others too. Kitty has a playful side as well; she’s a risk-taking, adventurous feline who likes to tease, taunt, pull tricks, steal Puss’ purse, and she admits that… he didn’t leave her standing at the altar, cuz she never showed up either. She knew he wouldn’t, so she didn’t. Why commit?

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