Provence is far more active and attentive to current affairs than Louis. He wastes no time in going after what he wants—by arranging for his own marriage to a foreign princess, and then immediately changing his mind because he ‘dislikes her’ and how she looks. Alas, it would cause a diplomatic incident, so Provence has to marry her after all. He’s always at the heart of political upheaval, spreading rumors, and being in high society. He mocks his older brother for not being more promiscuous and eager to bed his new wife, and brags that he would not hesitate in Louis’ shoes. But more often than not, his Fi is his own downfall—when his wife gets out of her coach and he finds her ugly, Provence just storms off back to his apartments, leaving the entire court embarrassed at his absence. He routinely refuses to touch her (despite his claims otherwise) or to provide the throne with an heir through her, because he can’t stand the idea of bedding her, making him a hypocrite for harassing Louis about the same issue. There’s nothing rational about most of his decisions, which come from his ambition and his personal likes/dislikes. He does pretend to be expecting a child to harass Louis for a bit, and draw attention to them as contenders for the throne (the “spare” he calls himself), but his wife has to do most of the scheming. His Ni is also poor – he has no thought for the future consequence of many of his decisions, and he has no idea that his wife is behind the salacious and inflammatory pamphlets circulating around court.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Provence is very assertive and self-confident. He arrogantly believes that he would be a better ruler than Louis, and tries to undermine him at every turn of the way, going so far as to aid in his wife’s deception about them being ‘pregnant’ with the future dauphin. He maliciously spreads rumors around court about Marie being unfaithful, about his brother not consummating his marriage, etc. And he encourages his grandfather to pair him up with Louis’ intended previous wife, only to hate her appearance (she isn’t beautiful enough for his taste) and want to call the entire thing off for appearances’ sake. When push comes to shove, though, Provence tries to save himself ahead of others – he pretends he knows nothing about his wife’s devious plans in order to remain in his brother’s good graces (that fails). He also has a reactive 4 wing, in how he draws attention to how he’s being mistreated often; he wallows in resentment, envious of his brother’s success, his beautiful wife, and his power. Provence feels he has been ‘mistreated’ and does not ‘deserve’ Louis’ meanness to him, even though he ruthlessly bullied Louis for most of their lives, both verbally and physically.

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