Sister Hilda is very active and social, often full of good ideas and eager to change things just so they won’t be the same – she wants to move her chair and desk in Sister Julienne’s office when she’s left in charge (and is disappointed when Julienne argues against it). She’s eager at the thought of having new, trendier uniforms that aren’t as long and boring, but is sad to find out that the head mother disapproves of them as too fancy and vetoes them (Sister Hilda had fun hosting the fashion show and wearing the pretty new habits). She shows a lot of intuition in one episode in which she discerns long before the doctor considers it that a girl might be self-harming to attract attention to herself; she says the girl is dying of loneliness, and being sick and inventing pretend illnesses is the only way to make friends. She is enthusiastic about all kinds of things and often sees their potential before others do—she wants to be in charge and make things happen, but is also sometimes blunt and oblivious of how her words might be taken poorly by more sensitive types. Hilda spends a lot of time apologizing as a result, or trying to make inroads, since she becomes aware after the fact of how others felt impacted by her hasty words. She’s exceptionally good with children, since she can appeal to them on an emotional level, be silly to get them to feel less afraid, or coax the truth out of them about their situation. Hilda is good at coaxing people and at being non-offensive (she doesn’t want to say she hates Miss Higgins’ recorder playing, so she pretends she has to fetch her envelopes from her room). Hilda shows a lot of low Si tendencies – she’s not respectful of traditions so much as she tolerates them. And she often reminiscences about the past and how much things have changed since the war, bringing up her time in the WAF, how much she enjoyed smoking (as a way to appeal to the men listening to her anti-smoking lecture), how London used to be, etc. She admits that she joined the WAF to get the free pantyhose.

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

Sister Hilda is a lot more easygoing than anyone else at Nonnotus House; she is extremely forgiving, tolerant, and doesn’t like to create conflict, even though her bluntness at times causes others to react against her (Hilda will eagerly want to do something and then tread on someone’s toes, and become apologetic about it). Hilda has trouble asserting herself at times – she will do a lot of work for something, get passed over, and feel upset at being ignored, but rarely assert herself in any way. She defers to Sister Julienne and insists that she would make a good replacement for their mother superior, seeing her potential but not her own. She finds it hard to go against others when they don’t want to move forward in the same way that she does; she reluctantly adopts all of the behaviors she is supposed to as a nun, but also misses the things she left behind. Hilda can be driven to change things, and has no recrimination for the habits she longs for that are in the past (she poetically reminiscences about how much she loved cigarettes).

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