Pretending to be romantically involved with someone to work around the prejudices of her culture is a very Se/Ti/Fe move – it accomplishes what she wants (acceptance and not being shameful to her family  – Fe), is a smart move which she doesn’t see as immoral or problematic because it accomplishes something (Ti) that benefits both her and Min Ho (he gets his tuition paid, she gets a fake life that satisfies her parents – Fe). She doesn’t see the problem in sustaining this lie, and doesn’t want him to tell Kitty the truth, which shows that even though she’s smart in how she handles the public and her persona (tert Fe), she isn’t attuned to Kitty’s feelings or that considerate of them. She’s also unaware of Kitty’s changing feelings for her and attraction to her, as their friendship grows (low Fe). Yuri is mostly based in the present, in appearances, and in immediate solutions—her plans are often thwarted, because she doesn’t see any alternatives (low intuition). She assumes she and Min Ho can “date” long enough to fool her parents, then they’ll break up, and no one will be any the wiser—but then they have to sustain the illusion because her parents need to improve their public image. She’s excited to find out she has a half brother, but has no idea who it is until he’s standing right in front of her. Unlike Kitty, she doesn’t start theorizing wildly about who it might be.

Enneagram: 3w2 so/sp

Yuri cares both about appearances and about not disappointing her family’s expectations for her behavior, so she seeks a way to pretend to be something that she is not (straight) to appeal to her culture. She spends a great deal of her time on social media, cultivating her image, and likes to be seen as impressive, desirable, and accomplished. But she also struggles to be true to her own feelings and desires, without concealing her genuine self behind something her culture sees as appropriate—something that attachment centers find difficult to overcome. She is also concerned with being in love and wanting to be loved, and can be generous, supportive, and helpful when she wants to be or like someone.

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