Funky MBTI

Teaching MBTI & Enneagram through Fictional Characters


Links to characters grouped according to their type follows. If you wish to learn more about each personality type, you can click here or follow the links on each page. No type is more interesting, important, or valuable than any other. All of them have weaknesses and strengths.

The Intuitive Types: Intuition refers to a preference for focusing on unrealized possibilities with the desire to make them ‘come true.’ They see the world not as it is, but through their idealism.


The Sensing Types: Sensing refers to a preference for focusing on facts and sensate experiences, and in how the sensing types interact with and grasp tangible reality. They see the world as it is and actualize its potential.


A list of characters on the blog and in the queue for the next few weeks. If links are not clickable / lead to a dead page, they are queued for release throughout the next few months.

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