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Paid Services

You can pay me to watch a movie of your choice and review the characters:

$10/per movie: up to four main characters per movie.

For additional films, add $10. Please don’t request more than 3 films at a time.

Once you have paid, please leave me a comment to this page with your requested film, contact me, or send me a message through tumblr with your requested film and characters. Tell me the amount you paid and under what name (or wordpress username).

(If you wish to pay $20 and divide it into two movies, that’s also allowed.)

If the film is available to me on a streaming network I subscribe to (currently Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu) or in my personal collection it will appear on the blog immediately. If I have to hunt for it or get it through the library, it will take longer. The longest wait limit is one month, but I’ll try to have it done within two weeks. Please do not make extremely obscure requests — they are too hard to “find.”

Request Rules:

+ No television shows.

+ No anime characters.

+ No video game characters.

+ Main characters only, or side characters with 30+ minutes of screen time.

+ Movies PG-13 and under.

I will accept R-rated movie requests on an individual basis — inquire first.

Thanks for your support and interest!


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