Beautiful Creatures: Lena Duchannes [ISFP 4w5]

Function Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Lena is intensely emotional but also extremely private with her feelings. She goes away to be alone after traumatic events (once she explodes the windows in the classroom, Lena retreats to the garden to sort through her emotions). She has no problem shutting Ethan out while she comes to terms with her future fate, deciding for him that it would be best they aren’t together (she won’t permit him to die, so she must give him up). Lena finds it difficult to separate her actions from her emotions; her love for Ethan ultimately decides her choice. She is blunt and refuses to do anything she doesn’t want to do – when her uncle asks her to play the piano for Ethan, she says it’s the wrong century for that; when he asks her to get tea for them, she says that’s also the wrong century. Lena finds it hard not to be open about her true self; she hates hiding the fact that she is a Caster. She is objective and opportunistic. Lena has been in a dozen different schools and adapted to many new environments. She is interested in aesthetics, with a unique clothing style. She decorates her room with invisible poetry and loves to just be with Ethan, hanging out on the back of his car, going to movies, kissing, and discussing their futures (even though she doesn’t feel she has one). Lena doesn’t mind being physical with Ethan and is good at adapting to her environment and using it defensively (saving Ethan from the spell in the garden, fighting off another Dark Caster). She is quick to act (her casting of a spell over Ethan’s home saves his life). Her fixation on the future is negative, and based on the single outcome Lena feels is inevitable: fear that she will go dark and lose herself. No other possibilities enter her mind; Lena cannot see a way around the single truth that female Casters are not free to choose their own destinies. She is so focused on a future event (her 16th birthday) that Lena sometimes has trouble living in the present – but when the time comes, she finds inner strength to develop a new vision for the future not only of herself, but Casters in general. Creative thinking is not her forte; Lena believes what the books tell her, that there is no way out of this mess, so she tries to surrender to it. She acts defensively in tough situations. Her harsh logical judgments, opinions, and statements turn up under stress. Lena is rude to Ethan on their first several meetings, and dismissive of him in order to protect her emotions. Later, she makes a logical, tactical decision to protect him from harm by causing him to forget their romance.

Enneagram: 4w5 sp/so

Lena feels different from other people, and is envious of how easily Ethan connects. She says he doesn’t understand what it’s like to grow up unwanted and different, shuffled around to various schools, to have your future taken away from you, etc. She refuses to do anything unless she feels like doing it, and at one point gets upset and starts crying when Ethan accuses her of being moody and acting like a bitch (she’s mad at him, so she makes a little rain cloud over his head so it will drench him). She wallows in her feelings of being different and feels frustrated but also incapable of doing anything about her future; she assumes she can’t be fixed, that the situation is going to turn out badly, etc. Rather than connect to Ethan at first, she pulls away from him, rebuffing his advances and demanding he leave her alone. She reads to avoid the outer world, and is blunt, sometimes harsh, and thinks little of other people – seeing them as mundane and not worth knowing, thus creating further self-isolation. She comes into her power once she realizes she has control over her own life, and that she can make her own decisions – taking charge of her life rather than avoiding it.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell: Emma Pole [ESFP 8w7]

Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Extroverted Sensing (Se) / Introverted Intuition (Ni)

Emma is opportunistic and good at improvising in the heat of the moment. When unable to speak about her torment in the faerie realm, she tears up all her fine dresses and starts doing a sewn tapestry depicting the events and their forthcoming doom. As she becomes more unstable, the world increasingly presses in on her, to the point where it becomes all but unbearable. She reacts quickly in the moment, both in her response to others and in impulsive decisions (her attack upon Mr. Norrell, in public, on a crowded street). How much of what she knows comes from hearing about it at Lost-Hope and how much comes from her own intuition is unclear, but Emma has a good grasp of the character of other people. She senses that she can trust Arabella and tries to confide in her. She feels strongly that certain events will take place, and sews them as visual montage into her tapestry.

Judging Functional Axis:

Introverted Feeling (Fi) / Extroverted Thinking (Te)

She is compassionate, with a strong sense of self; she does not like others interfering in her life, or “bartering away half of it!” She has strong convictions and feelings that stem from her own perception of other people, and her moral judgments of their behavior (Mr Norrell is evil, because he took something away from her that she cannot get back). Confronted with a massive problem – her enslavement to the Faerie King – Emma cannot see any other way around it except desperate measures: to take her own life, to shoot the person responsible, and to fight against incarceration for insanity. She frequently acts on her feelings and can be blunt in her assessment of Mr Norrell.

Enneagram: 8w7 social

Emma is very direct before her death, and just as direct thereafter – she becomes increasingly angry and frustrated at her inability to tell anyone about the Faerie king forcing her to dance all night, every night. Refusing to submit to him, she keeps a cool head around him, but also tries to find creative ways around his magic. She does not hesitate to tell people off, accusing her husband of trying to silence her, Mr. Norrell of using her amiss, and she even calls the Gentleman “a bore” to his face. She is suspicious of others and their motives, and generally distrustful of magicians. Her 7 wing brings in further defensiveness, and a desperate need to free herself from this hellish imprisonment (she found it fun at first).