Away: Emma Green [ESFP 6w7]

Functional Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

Emma from a young age always knew she wanted to be an astronaut, and took every sensory opportunity she could, to bring her closer to that goal. She was highly active in the space program, in learning how to fly, etc. Once in space, she proves an effective leader who can react in the moment and often volunteers for missions that are dangerous to her team, even though she could take a backseat and let others handle it. She refuses to listen to Ground Control and breaks into a friend’s pod to stitch him up after he’s injured. She insists on taking a space walk even though it’s dangerous. Prior to marrying her husband, she easily became involved in an affair with him, saying it was another reckless thing she was prone to doing. She also, inadvertently, worsens a fire situation on board their spaceship by reacting too quickly, with the wrong information. Though private in her feelings, Emma often makes emotional decisions – she almost gives up her chance at space to rush home to her husband after he has a stroke, out of concern for her daughter. She ignores protocol to enter a friend’s sickroom and stitch him up after an injury, even though it could put her and the rest of them at risk for catching his infectious illness. Emma uses part of her water ration to keep one of her friends’ plants alive, leading to her severe dehydration and impeded leadership skills. She also often relies on other people to think logically for her and demands they “come up with a plan” for her to review, consult with ground control over, and then implement. She sometimes makes decisions that are short-sighted, and she fails to read into things enough (she doesn’t know a member of her team is in love with her, until he confesses it in a life or death situation).

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Emma’s judgment comes into question among her teammates several times because she “relies too much on Ground Control,” rather than trusting her own judgment. She always wants to consult with them, hear what they think about her preferred solution, and then act according to their wishes and with their permission. She is highly responsible and considers herself to be morally responsible for the welfare of her crew, to the extent that she will put herself at risk to keep them safe and question her own behaviors after the fact. She tells her husband that without him, she would not have learned to trust herself. Emma is cautious, fearful, and second-guesses herself at times; she isn’t sure if she belongs with her family or in space, and does not want to make the wrong decision that could endanger everyone, but she also has an adventurous spirit. She needs others’ approval and support.

Away: Matt Logan [INTP 6w5]

Functional Order: Ti-Ne-Si-Fe

Matt has an exceptional brain and works at NASA in the problem-solving department. His job is primarily how to figure out how to fix things from thousands of miles away. He’s into engineering and can stare at schematics and consider what objects the crew has on hand in the space station, to figure out how they can improvise and find a way around whatever has gone wrong. He often invents and comes up with strange solutions that others would not think of, such as when he builds a machine that would allow them to harvest ice particles from space and shepherd them into the ship, to solve their water problems. He often has hunches that turn out to be correct, about what NASA is keeping from him and the problems his wife is facing in space. Matt can keep the big picture in focus better than most people – even after his stroke, when she worries about being “emotionally compromised,” Matt insists she go anyway and not return to take care of him. She has worked for this, it is going to be the mission of a lifetime, and he does not want to steal that from her. His ideas are unorthodox and out of the box, but not oblivious to the potential dangers involved. Matt is incredibly methodical, willing to pore over each detail to figure out how to save, protect, or rescue the astronauts from difficult situations. He also believes in the “law of repeats,” and cautions his daughter against riding motorcycles, since she could get hurt or killed on one (he has seen it happen; his friend in the hospital was paralyzed riding bikes). Matt is logical and focused, but also feels a need to be true to his daughter, there for her when he needs to be, and present in his family. He is not fully capable of doing this, and doesn’t really understand his daughter or her feelings.

Enneagram: 6w5 so/sp

Matt has a warm side to his nature that likes to connect to his daughter, is good at gathering people around him, and isn’t afraid to diffuse his work and hand off the credit to someone else in the office, so long as he gets the work done. He is somewhat easily influenced by other people, in terms of his need to get better – when his friend at the hospital tells him his chances of full bodily recovery go down once he “passes his tests” and gets out of the hospital, Matt considers faking them to stay under supervised training; but then when his daughter needs him, because she is skipping school, he passes his tests and knows he must go home for her. He often knows when something has gone wrong, and tries to think his way around worst-case scenarios. He is cautious and distrustful, warning his daughter to stay off those bikes, but also skilled at creative thinking and remaining pragmatic in a dangerous situation.

Away: Alexis Logan [ISFP 6w7]

Functional Order: Fi-Se-Ni-Te

Alexis has intense emotions and is not entirely sure what to do with them. She knows she has to do the right thing and be there for her father, but is also angry about being left “alone” to deal with her anxieties without her mother. When she doesn’t want to face someone, she simply shuts them out of their life, skips classes, leaves without saying where she is going, and does not answer their phone calls, which is worrisome to Emma on the space ship. She doesn’t know what to expect in terms of feeling things, so she asks her boyfriend what it was like to lose his dad, because she wants to know about his emotional experience of loss in order to “prepare for it.” She has never gotten on a dirt bike before and “is a natural.” She takes to it instantly, having just watched a few people do it. Before a few weeks are out, she is taking bigger risks and making higher jumps and living off the excitement of being in the air. Alexis tends to react quickly, both to save her father when he has his stroke and in her decisions about school. She skips her make-up test to go out with a boy she barely knows, and takes an interest in bike-riding. She plans not to tell her father about then, but when he breaks down at the side of the road, comes clean with her secret about dating a guy when she asks him to pick her dad up. She shows a few flashes of insight here and there, but nothing substantial and she gives them very little credence. Alexis is rarely open with her feelings, but she can explode into bluntness whenever she is stressed.

Enneagram: cp6w7 so/sp

Alexis is very responsible and family-oriented, but also fearful. Her mother tells her how proud she is of her for “facing her fears” and getting tested for her father’s illness, since it can be genetic. Alexis said she did not want to live in fear anymore. She often faces her fears, and rebels in soft ways against authority – leaving school, lying to her dad about her hobbies, but also wanting him to love and support and listen to her. The more anxious she feels, the more she wants to escape—and she does that through dirt bike racing. It gives her a high, because it’s a way to avoid the serious things she is facing at home and pretend to be somewhere else, someone else. At times, she feels angry at her mother for leaving her, abandoning her to “do this alone.” But Alexis always rises to the occasion, somehow.

Away: Misha Popov [ISTP 3w2]

Functional Order: Ti-Se-Ni-Fe

Judging Functional Axis:

Introverted Thinking (Ti) / Extroverted Feeling (Fe)

Misha has an incredible talent for understanding how a system works from the inside and knowing what to do to fix things that seem impossible; his ability to do this and think outside the lines is useful in space, ranging from his decision to take apart the water system and cannibalize the parts to fix a broken connection, to his quick thinking in stapling a wound shut when they cannot make it stop bleeding. He has a stronger sense of self-confidence in his logic than most of the others, and is angry when they will not allow him to do his job due to his limited eyesight; he tells Lu that he doesn’t have to see a system to know how it works, he can just “feel” the changes in it. Misha does not have a good sense of camaraderie at fist with his team-mates; he is arrogant, withdrawn, and bossy, but over time he opens up and starts talking more about his regrets, he brews them vodka for Christmas, and he reminds them to prioritize family, because without it, you are nothing.

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Extroverted Sensing (Se) / Introverted Intuition (Ni)

He is opportunistic and hands-on, a man who can feel his way around a complicated internal space system, who knows they need to go outside the ship to fix the damage, and isn’t afraid to take a space walk (though he lets Emma take the bigger risk, because she insists). Misha, once he senses his eyesight is going, memorizes the eye chart to keep the others from noticing his diminishing capabilities. He is quick to put out a fire, and to denounce Emma when he feels her leadership skills are wrong or she has been emotionally compromised. He has spent enough time on internal reflection to feel sorry that his irresponsible lifestyle has caused his sister pain and made it so he cannot reconcile with her.

Enneagram: 3w2 self-preservation

Misha put aside his own family to pursue and further his career, so much so that it has caused a rift between him and his sister after a death in the family (he left her to pick up the pieces). He is egocentric and over-confident of his leadership skills, criticizing Emma for being foolish in her attempt to put out the fire (it worsened it) and assuming he should take command. Misha can be argumentative, but also fears losing his role as a valuable member of the team — he memorizes the eye chart so that he can continue to work and feel valuable even after he is starting to go blind, he is very angry whenever anyone infers he cannot do something, and struggles with his sense of resentment at not being “needed.” He wants and needs to be useful.

Away: Lu Wang [ISTJ 1w9]

Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Introverted Sensing (Si) / Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

Lu has an absolutely incredible mind for detail; when their water system goes out, everyone appoints her to take care of the thousands of pieces they take out of the system, so they can reassemble it without a single mistake – something she is extremely good at and comfortable doing. She loves order and to bring simplicity to her tasks, but is also content with repeated behaviors. Lu has a strong sense of how the world works; she is willing to put aside her own personal needs and wishes (the woman she has fallen in love with) for her son, to maintain his sense of stability and normality within China. She has a healthy respect for how things are done, and does not want to “break the machine” (how things are done). She would rather approach problems in a methodical manner than improvise, although she does dare to imagine different possibilities and approaches when introduced to them by circumstances or other people’s creative ideas.

Judging Functional Axis:

Extroverted Thinking (Te) / Introverted Feeling (Fi)

She does not mince words; after Emma worsens a fire situation and accidentally endangers their lives in the process, rather than being “nice” like some of her team members, Lu tells Ground Control the truth – that Emma screwed up, that she wonders if she is emotionally compromised having her husband on the ground and ill, and that maybe they should appoint someone more logical to fill her position. She often goes for the most pragmatic and effective solution, and is not for cannibalizing the water supply system to “cobble up something new.” Though friends with another astronaut, she points out his problems with vision and argues that it could endanger them, if he cannot see properly. She has a strong sense of her own morals, and moral lines she will not cross, but is also able to keep her secret feelings for another woman private for a long time to protect them both.

Enneagram: 1w9 self-preservation

Lu is very much concerned with doing the right thing. She is focused on being proper, and a good wife and mother; though she admits that her marriage is cold, she will not cheat on her husband by kissing another woman. She says that when the mission is over, and after her son has grown up, she will find this woman and then they can be together, at the appropriate time. She abides by the rules of China and does not flout them easily, when deciding what actions to take on the spaceship. She often points out others’ mistakes and weaknesses, but also strictly supervises herself. She loves to keep order in all aspects of her life, but can be detached, withdrawn, and distant from her teammates. Emma teases her that she would not want to see “inside her closet,” since it must be perfect. Chaos, frankly, frustrates Lu.

Away: Dr. Kwesi Weisberg-Abban [ISFJ 9w1]

Functional Order: Si-Fe-Ti-Ne

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Introverted Sensing (Si) / Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

Kwesi is a botanist with an extensive knowledge of plant life, and the confidence that he can grow things on Mars. He comes loaded with facts about his beloved plants and a desire to cultivate them in deep space, a task that he spends many hours doing each day. He finds being around them soothing and this stabilization of the environment into a sense of “normality” often draws his team mates in to help him. He has a firm faith and many memories of his childhood; much of what happened then, he compares to now in terms of his expectations. He wants to live up to his deceased adopted father’s ideals for him. Kwesi does not speculate much, but is also cautious and meticulous. He wants a firm sense of what they intend to do, before they do it.

Judging Functional Axis:

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) / Introverted Thinking (Ti)

He has a warm and generous heart, often plays a peacemaker role among his friends, and is tolerant and forgiving. When called in to give a statement about Emma’s actions that accelerated a fire rather than put it out, Kewsi is reluctant to say anything bad about her, and instead affirms her to Ground Control. He easily shares his feelings about having to let his plants die when they face dehydration, but is also curious to see if any of them will survive. He wants to understand things and puts a lot of effort into learning more about them.

Enneagram: 9w1 self-preservation

Kewsi is a man of simple needs and pleasures and his Christmas present to them all is lush green things grown in his garden. It isn’t much, but it makes him happy to share them. He creates such a peaceful environment in his little garden haven that his friends all inevitably wind up there. He welcomes them, even when he has had conflict with some of them, in an overall nature inclined toward forgiveness, tolerance, smoothing over problems, giving the benefit of the doubt, and being generally kind. He wants to do the right thing, in a pleasant way.

Away: Ram Arya [ESFJ 2w1]

Functional Order: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Judging Functional Axis:

Extroverted Feeling (Fe) / Introverted Thinking (Ti)

Ram has a warm and open nature, devoted to helping his team mates open up about their struggles, their feelings, and their needs. As the medical officer on board, he cares deeply about their emotions and can easily connect to them. He also doesn’t always understand others if they are not as expressive as he is (mistaking Emma’s silence for a total rejection of his feelings for her, when it’s really just her own internal confusion and fondness for him that causes her to withdraw). When he falls ill, he refuses to allow his friends to come anywhere near him, even after he cuts himself – he doesn’t want to endanger them. Out of respect for Emma and her relationship with her husband, he keeps his mouth shut about his love for her until he thinks they might be about to die. He feels enormous guilt over his brother having fallen ill, taking care of and visiting him as a child. Ram likes to analyze people and figure out how to fix things, but trusts others to problem-solve.

Perceiving Functional Axis:

Introverted Sensing (Si) / Extroverted Intuition (Ne)

He has an astonishing amount of medical and practical knowledge, which helps them get through tough months on a spaceship in the middle of vast space. Ram knows how much each of them needs to drink, in order to survive, and rations out the water supply. He focuses on their practical needs and admits, at one point, that he has neglected their emotional needs, failing to notice and realize that Emma has been giving her water to one of her friend’s plants to keep it alive (and thus keep his spirits up) and causing herself to hallucinate and become dehydrated in the process. He is practical and hands on, but also dabbles in their spiritual lives and in wanting to understand them.

Enneagram: 2w1 self-preservation

Ram shows his love by serving other people, but he is also attempting to earn it – he stands up for and defends Emma’s reputation even when he should question it, because he sees only the best in her and wants to prove his loyalty, and in so doing, suggest his love for her. He is quick to volunteer to help others and has a self-effacing attitude, in that he is willing to die rather than risk their exposure to the virus. A lot of this stems from his desire to make up for his brother’s death – he became a doctor to help people, to atone for his brother becoming ill visiting him in the hospital. Ram feels torn between his feelings and “doing the right thing,” which is to suppress his feelings for Emma in respect of her husband.