Non-Stop: Jen Summers [ESFJ 6w7]

Function Order: Fe-Si-Ne-Ti

Jen has a warm nature and she can quickly make people like and trust her, since she knows how to appeal to them. She notices Bill is nervous about taking off, so she opens up to him, engages him in conversation, and tries to find out details about his life to distract him. She is curious about him, his family, and what he’s doing on the plane, which makes him not answer a lot of her more personal questions (asking questions is how Fe-doms connect; they want to know who you are, so they know how to respond to you). Later, she’s good at putting a nervous child at ease, in talking to a hacker and helping him send out a photo that will cause a phone to go off “silent” and ping, and in soothing Bill and talking him through various solutions to their problem. She delegates tasks she’s not efficient at (such as problem-solving) to other, more competent people, acting as the “group leader” (she connects Bill to others who can help him and encourages teamwork). She works a steady job, and admits that she didn’t much think about her life until her heart surgery. Now that she has a limited amount of time left, she is more aware of her need to live in the moment and be spontaneous, because life is ‘unpredictable.’ She’s attentive to details, able to keep track of passengers and information about them, and trusts Bill because he has proven himself reliable in the few hours they’ve known each other.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Jen is somewhat suspicious of other people and guarded in sharing her personal information; she doesn’t easily talk about her surgery at first, or why she’s on the plane, leading Bill to be suspicious of her. She is wary of him at first, but also trusts him to protect them all, because he seems confident in what he is doing. She’s willing to take risks with and for him, but also is looking for allies and ways to connect to other people. She uses humor and genuine interest in them to forge an alliance, but also relies somewhat on alcohol to keep her calm. She is often fearful, but also … not, considering she’s living with an illness that could kill her at any moment anyway. This has made her more open to letting things go, living in the moment, and taking whatever opportunities arise. Including, maybe, a date later with Bill, if he intends to hang around Iceland for awhile.

The Hunger Games: Alma Coin [ESTJ 6w5]

Functional Order: Te-Si-Ne-Fi

President Coin is a tactical thinker. When they are under fire, she quickly figures out from their haphazard bombing patterns that the enemy doesn’t know where their facility is located, so she orders them not to use their weapons to avoid giving it away. She is willing to negotiate with Katniss for Peeta’s life to get what she wants (even though she does not like Peeta, and considers him a traitor, she’s aware of the fact that the Resistance needs Katniss’ participation to succeed). Once she takes power from Coin, she establishes a new government and appoints herself as temporary acting president, until they can vote in a new government. She has directed and maintained a low-level resistance from the beginning, and is aware of how to accomplish the take-down of the Capital through persistent rebellions, taking advantage of building resentment over the treatment of the Victors, and seeing and using Katniss as a rallying point for the other Districts. All of this requires attentiveness to detail and awareness of how reality works. Her reasoning shows itself at its most brutal, when she proposes a final set of Hunger Games with the Captial’s children. Katniss’ own realization that Coin is going to become as ruthless and brutal as Snow, by repeating the methods he used to control people, is what gets Coin killed. She does not always trust her own insights, so she turns to others for ideas (Plutarch often is her visionary, and she runs with his notions). Coin tends to think negatively about the future at times; when Katniss fails to produce a decent video, she assumes Katniss is worthless until Haymitch suggests a change of environment to elicit a genuine emotional reaction from Katniss. Coin keeps most of her personal feelings hidden, and puts them aside for the greater good; she is impatient when Katniss’ trauma doesn’t allow her to be objective, because she sees her emotions as blocking her usefulness (a common low emotional sensitivity issue in under-developed Te-doms).

Enneagram: cp 6w5 so/sp

Coin is a deliberate, tactical thinker, who is also suspicious and not inclined to trust anyone too easily. She has her doubts about Peeta, and she does not like Katniss, seeing her as weak and ineffective. She focuses on gathering like-minded people about her, and on defying the Capital, whom she sees as a corrupt and unfair society (her counter-phobic 6 stance attacks what she fears by standing up to it). She can also be forceful and even violent in how she retaliates, but she also looks for a group consensus; when she wants to establish their own Hunger Games, she asks for outside input. Her 5 wing is self-reliant, secretive, and trusts herself when it comes to making decisions. As an so/sp, she is focused on group achievement (survival, victory) ahead of her own needs.