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About Me

Are people crazy, or is it just me?

I spent the first twenty-odd years of my life asking that question. Routinely baffled as to the choices people made, where their focus lay, and why I could not comprehend how their minds worked. And then I discovered MBTI. I took an online quiz that gave me the wrong type (of course!), but sparked my fascination. Here was a way to finally understand people! To get why they make the choices they do! And stop banging my head on the floor every time a character did something I considered to be “insane.”

MBTI did various things for me. It helped me understand my friends (sort of; some of them are nuts, and I say that in love). It improved my relationships (definitely!). It taught me how annoying I can be (of that, there is no question; just ask my so-called friends). And it showed me that differences are wonderful. The world needs us all, even the weirdos. Now that I know who I am, and who my loved ones are, I can tolerate their eccentricities and forge better relationships.

Except with those who dislike what I love, but… everyone needs standards.

My knowledge of MBTI is far more extensive than the Enneagram, which I only started studying in-depth about a year ago. I can’t promise all my typings on this blog are accurate—that would be a remarkable feat and grow my arrogance to the size of a small country. Or a politician’s head. But I do my best, and I have gotten better and more accurate with time. They say ten thousand hours makes you an “expert” at something. I’m not sure where my hour rank is, but it’s getting up there. Maybe someday I’ll even do something real with it. Like, money-make with it. Or not. As an intuitive, I would far rather live my life on an abstract sideline.

On the off-chance you are curious to know about me and my other hobbies, here are some of the places you can find me. When I am not arguing with my friends, I am writing novels. Or reviews. Or analysis of movies in search of spiritual themes. Or seeking in some way to change the world, one idea at a time. Why? Because I’m an ENFP. If I cannot do those things, I wither and die. I become despondent. I buy junk on Amazon. I eat too much chocolate, and complain about how much the world sucks to my cats. Nobody wants that. So without further ado, you can find me:

You will not find me on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, because I refuse to be like everyone else. I will use my cell phone addiction to read random Tudor facts bleary-eyed at 11pm and not refresh my feed, thank you very much.

In case you are nosy for personal details, I’m a somewhat introverted, highly opinionated, rather moralizing, cat-loving, creatively-obsessive, book-reading, costume drama-watching, mousy brown-haired, big-eyed unapologetic nerd who would rather talk Sherlock Holmes than the Avengers. Just because.

Now stop reading this and go forth. Discover your type. Become a better person. Self-knowledge is the window to the soul. So prop up the sill and start looking.

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