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The 12 Archetypes

In addition to building the foundational blocks for MBTI, Carl Jung explored the idea of 12 fundamental archetypes for human behavior and for fictional characters. The characters I have typed that fit these archetypes are tagged accordingly.

The Hero Archetype

The Hero is characterized by bravery, courage, and strength. They overcome great challenges and adversity, and have a strong sense of justice and morality. Heroes are known for their self-sacrifice and willingness to help others. They put others’ needs before their own and are always willing to lend a hand.

Gift: Courage, Discipline, Skill

The Rebel Archetype

The Rebel is characterized by independence, non-conformity, and freedom. Rebels march to the beat of their own drum. They have a strong sense of individuality and desire for freedom. Rebels dislike rules and regulations and believe in doing things their way. They want to be their own boss and chart their own course in life.

Gift: Courage, Independence, Defiance

The Sage Archetype

The Sage seeks wisdom, truth, and power through knowledge. Their ambition is to dedicate their life to the pursuit of knowledge. They believe the truth will lead them to freedom and there is always more to learn. They try to understand the world and often play the role of a mentor to the Hero.

Gift: Skepticism, Wisdom, Non-Attachment

The Innocent Archetype

The Innocent is characterized by purity, naïveté, and innocence. They are gentle, compassionate, loving, and childlike. They see the world through rose-colored glasses, are optimistic, and believe the best in people. They are trusting and take others at their word. They are easily hurt by others’ actions. They are young at heart and not jaded by the world.

Gift: Trust, Optimism, Loyalty

The Creator Archetype

The Creator is characterized by innovation, creativity, and imagination. They see the world in a unique way and come up with new and exciting ideas. They use their intuition, imagination, and creativity to create change in the world.

Gift: Identity, Vocation, Creativity

The Everyman Archetype

The Everyman is characterized by balance, normality, and their common sense. They down-to-earth and live in the real world. They are quite normal and don’t stand out from the crowd. They are practical and rely on common sense and logic. They don’t believe in doing things that don’t make sense or don’t have a logical explanation.

Gift: Interdependence, Empathy, Realism

The Caregiver Archetype

The Caregiver is characterized by their compassion, nurturing, and care. They have a strong sense of empathy and can put themselves in other people’s shoes. They have a calling to help others and feel a deep need to care for them. They have abundant compassion. They offer emotional support to others and are good at giving advice.

Gift: Compassion, Generosity

The Lover Archetype

The Lover is characterized by passion, love, and intimacy. They are drawn to relationships and intimacy. They have a strong need for emotional connection and feel incomplete without it. Lovers are people and experience love deeply. They are attracted to intimacy and enjoy being close to others in their quest for a deep, meaningful relationship.

Gift: Commitment, Passion, Ecstasy

The Jester Archetype

The Jester is characterized by humor, playfulness, and mischief. They are looking for ways to have fun and make others laugh. They are flexible and can adapt to any situation. They don’t get upset easily, see the world in a positive light, and are good at diffusing tense situations.

Gift: Joy, Freedom, Liberation

The Magician Archetype

The Magician is characterized by their insight, power, and visionary thinking. They are charismatic dreamers, often pushing others to start out on a journey, or carrying others along through the power of their enthusiasm. They are purposeful and driven and use their creative energy to make things happen or change the world.

Gift: Ingenuity, Power, Charisma

The Explorer Archetype

The Explorer is characterized by curiosity, adventure, and risk-taking. They are looking for new experiences and are fearless in their desire to get the most out of life. Explorers are curious and want to know everything about the world. They search out new challenges.

Gift: Carefree, Adventurous, Daring

The Ruler Archetype

The Ruler is characterized by order, discipline, and control. They crave structure, have a lot of ambition, and desire to be successful. They are disciplined, like things to be neat and organized, and can be perfectionists. Their primary concern is to keep and maintain their power.

Gift: Sovereignty, Responsibility, Competence

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