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Hogwarts Houses

I’ve sorted the following characters into Hogwarts Houses, per the Sorting Hat Chats system, which explains in full the main drive of each House’s motivations. There are two ‘felt’ Houses, which rely on their emotions (Slytherin and Hufflepuff), one ‘instinctual’ House that goes on its gut instincts (Gryffindor), and one rational-based House, which prefers to follow a chosen belief system rather than to trust their instincts (Ravenclaw). Please visit the official website for full descriptions, but here is a brief outline of each House.

  • Gryffindors are seeking a Cause and are willing to go against their loved ones in pursuit of it. They trust their instincts to guide them.
  • Hufflepuffs hold everyone as equal in importance and strive to serve them in some way. They trust their feelings about humanity to guide them.
  • Slytherins value family first and to betray their family would gut them. They feel possessive over what they feel is theirs to protect. They allow their emotional ties to these people to guide them.
  • Ravenclaws distrust their emotions and their instincts, and instead choose to live in accordance and within the boundaries of a chosen system (logic, religion, law, etc). They will force themselves to conform to these beliefs and change them over time.

Here are my current Sorted Characters:

A.D. The Bible Continues: Peter (Hufflepuff), Paul (Gryffindor), Claudia (Hufflepuff), Caiaphas (Hufflepuff), Pilate (Gryffindor).

All Creatures Great & Small: James Herriot (Hufflepuff), Siegfried Farnon (Slytherin), Tristan Farnon (Gryffindor), Mrs. Hall (Ravenclaw), Helen Alderson (Slytherin). [read more]

The Avengers: Iron Man (Slytherin), Captain America (Gryffindor), Black Widow (Hufflepuff), Hawkeye (Slytherin), Thor (Gryffindor).

Avonlea: Sarah (Gryffindor), Hetty (Slytherin), Alec (Hufflepuff), Olivia (Hufflepuff), Janet (Slytherin), Felicity (Ravenclaw), Felix (Hufflepuff), Cecily (Hufflepuff), Gus (Hufflepuff).

Battlestar Galactica: Adama (Gryffindor), Laura Roslin (Hufflepuff), Starbuck (Gryffindor), Apallo (Hufflepuff), Baltar (Slytherin), Six (Hufflepuff), Tigh (Gryffindor).

Black Panther: T’Challa (Slytherin), Erik (Gryffindor), Okoye (Ravenclaw), Shuri (Gryffindor), Nakia (Gryffindor).

Blue Bloods: Henry (Slytherin), Frank (Ravenclaw), Danny (Gryffindor), Erin (Ravenclaw), Jamie (Hufflepuff).

Bridgerton: Anthony (Slytherin), Daphne (Hufflepuff), Simon (Gryffindor), Eloise (Ravenclaw), Penelope (Hufflepuff).

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Buffy (Slytherin), Angel (Hufflepuff), Spike (Slytherin), Willow (Hufflepuff), Xander (Hufflepuff), Giles (Ravenclaw).

The Chosen: Jesus (Hufflepuff), Mary Magdalene (Slytherin), Simon Peter (Slytherin), Eden (Gryffindor), Andrew (Hufflepuff), Matthew (Gryffindor), Nicodemus (Ravenclaw). [Read more]

The Chronicles of Narnia: Peter (Hufflepuff), Susan (Ravenclaw), Edmund (Ravenclaw), Lucy (Hufflepuff), Jadis (Gryffindor), Aslan (Hufflepuff), Caspian (Hufflepuff).

The Crown: Elizabeth (Ravenclaw), Philip (Gryffindor), Margaret (Slytherin), Prince Charles (Ravenclaw), Princess Diana (Hufflepuff), Sir Winston Churchill (Gryffindor), Margaret Thatcher (Gryffindor).

The Dark Knight Trilogy: Bruce (Gryffindor), Ra’s (Ravenclaw), Bane (Slytherin), The Joker (Gryffindor), Harvey Dent (Gryffindor), Rachel (Gryffindor), Talia (Slytherin).

Doctor Who: Nine (Gryffindor), Ten (Gryffindor), Eleven (Slytherin), Twelve (Ravenclaw), Thirteen (Hufflepuff), Rose (Gryffindor), Martha (Hufflepuff), Donna (Gryffindor), Amy (Gryffindor), Rory (Slytherin), Clara (Gryffindor), Bill Potts (Hufflepuff).

Early Edition: Gary (Hufflepuff), Marissa (Hufflepuff), Chuck (Slytherin).

Emma: Emma (Slytherin), Mr. Knightley (Hufflepuff), Harriet (Hufflepuff).

First Knight: King Arthur (Gryffindor), Guenevere (Ravenclaw), Lancelot (Slytherin).

Fringe: Olivia (Hufflepuff), Peter (Slytherin), Waler (Ravenclaw), Astrid (Hufflepuff), Nina (Slytherin), Dr. Bell (Ravenclaw).

Game of Thrones: Dany (Slytherin), Jon Snow (Ravenclaw), Tyrion (Ravenclaw), Cersei (Slytherin), Jaime (Slytherin), Sansa (Ravenclaw), Arya (Gryffindor), Theon (Gryffindor), Jorah (Hufflepuff), Bran (Ravenclaw), Missandei (Hufflepuff), The Hound (Gryffindor), Brienne (Gryffindor), Melisandre (Ravenclaw), Stannis (Ravenclaw), Sam Tarley (Hufflepuff), Bronn (Gryffindor), Davos (Hufflepuff), Grey Worm (Ravenclaw), Lord Varys (Ravenclaw), Petyr Baelish (Slytherin), Olenna (Slytherin), Tywin Lannister (Slytherin), Joffrey (Gryffindor), Eddard Stark (Hufflepuff), Catelyn (Ravenclaw), Margaery (Slytherin), Khal (Gryffindor), Ygritte (Gryffindor), Renly (Hufflepuff), Ramsay (Gryffindor), Oberyn (Slytherin), Robb (Gryffindor), Robert Baratheon (Gryffindor), Yara (Gryffindor), Hodor (Hufflepuff), Shae (Slytherin), Talisa (Hufflepuf).

The Godfather: Vito (Slytherin), Sonny (Gryffindor), Michael (Ravenclaw), Connie (Slytherin), Tom Hagen (Hufflepuff), Fredo (Hufflepuff), Kay (Hufflepuff), Vincent (Gryffindor), Mary (Hufflepuff). [Read more]

Gone With the Wind: Scarlett (Slytherin), Rhett (Gryffindor), Ashley (Hufflepuff), Melanie (Hufflepuff).

The Greatest Showman: P.T. Barnum (Gryffindor), Charity (Gryffindor), Jenny Lind (Hufflepuff), Philip (Hufflepuff), Annie (Hufflepuff).

Grimm: Nick (Hufflepuff), Monroe (Gryffindor), Renard (Ravenclaw), Adalind (Slytherin), Juliette (Gryffindor), Rosalie (Hufflepuff), Hank (Hufflepuff), Wu (Hufflepuff).

The Hobbit: Bilbo (Gryffindor), Thorin (Slytherin), Thranduil (Slytherin), Tauriel (Hufflepuff), Balin (Hufflepuff), Kili (Gryffindor), Radaghast (Hufflepuff),

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney): Quasimodo (Hufflepuff), Frollo (Gryffindor, Modeling Ravenclaw), Esmeralda (Gryffindor), Phoebus (Hufflepuff). [Read more]

The Hunger Games: Katniss (Slytherin), Gale (Gryffindor), Peeta (Slytherin), Prim (Hufflepuff).

John Adams: John Adams (Gryffindor), Abigail Adams (Hufflepuff), Thomas Jefferson (Ravenclaw), Benjamin Franklin (Hufflepuff), George Washington (Hufflepuff), Alexander Hamilton (Gryffindor).

JoJo Rabbit: JoJo (Ravenclaw), Elsa (Hufflepuff), Rosie (Gryffindor).

Jurassic Park: Alan (Ravenclaw), Ellie (Hufflepuff), Ian (Gryffindor), John Hammond (Slytherin).

The Last of the Mohicans: Hawkeye (Slytherin), Cora (Gryffindor), Uncus (Hufflepuff), Duncan (Ravenclaw), Alice (Hufflepuff), Magua (Slytherin).

The Last Station: Leo Tolstoy (Hufflepuff), Sofya (Slytherin), Chertkov (Ravenclaw), Valentin (Ravenclaw), Masha (Gryffindor). [Read more]

Little Women: Jo (Gryffindor), Meg (Ravenclaw), Beth (Hufflepuff), Amy (Slytherin), Marmee (Ravenclaw), Laurie (Slytherin), Bhaer (Ravenclaw). [Read more]

Lorna Doone: John Ridd (Hufflepuff), Lorna Doone (Hufflepuff), Carver Doone (Gryffindor), Counselor Doone (Slytherin).

The Lord of the Rings: Frodo (Hufflepuff), Sam (Slytherin), Merry (Hufflepuff), Pippin (Hufflepuff), Elrond (Ravenclaw), Galadriel (Gryffindor), Arwen (Hufflepuff), Legolas (Gryffindor), Aragorn (Hufflepuff), Boromir (Slytherin), Eowyn (Gryffindor), Faramir (Hufflepuff), Eomer (Gryffindor), Theoden (Slytherin), Denethor (Slytherin), Gimli (Gryffindor), Gandalf (Hufflepuff), Saruman (Ravenclaw).

Maleficent: Maleficent (Slytherin), Aurora (Gryffindor).

The Man in the High Castle: Juliana (Hufflepuff), John Smith (Slytherin), Helen Smith (Ravenclaw), Kido (Ravenclaw), Ed (Hufflepuff), Tagomi (Hufflepuff), Joe Blake (Ravenclaw).

The Man in the Iron Mask: Porthos (Gryffindor), Aramis (Gryffindor), Athos (Gryffindor), D’Artagnan (Hufflepuff), Phillipe (Hufflepuff), King Louis (Slytherin).

The Maze Runner: Thomas (Gryffindor), Teresa (Ravenclaw), Newt (Hufflepuff), Gally (Gryffindor), Alby (Hufflepuff), Minho (Gryffindor), Janson (Gryffindor).

Raya and the Last Dragon: Raya (Gryffindor), Sisu (Hufflepuff), Namarri (Slytherin).

Riverdale: Archie (Gryffindor), Betty (Gryffindor), Veronica (Gryffindor), Jughead (Ravenclaw), Cheryl (Slytherin), FP (Hufflepuff).

Robin Hood (BBC): Robin Hood (Gryffindor), Marion (Hufflepuff), Sir Guy (Slytherin), Sheriff of Nottingham (Gryffindor), Munch (Slytherin).

The Other Boleyn Girl: Anne Boleyn (Gryffindor), Mary Boleyn (Hufflepuff), Henry VIII (Gryffindor).

Once Upon a Time: Henry (Ravenclaw), Emma (Slytherin), Regina (Slytherin), Gold (Slytherin), Snow (Hufflepuff), Charming (Hufflepuff), Belle (Hufflepuff), Mulan (Ravenclaw), Aurora (Hufflepuff).

The Originals: Klaus (Gryffindor), Elijah (Hufflepuff), Rebecca (Slytherin), Marcel (Hufflepuff), Hayley (Hufflepuff).

Oscar & Lucinda: Oscar (Ravenclaw), Lucinda (Gryffindor).

The Patriot: Benjamin Martin (Slytherin), Gabriel (Gryffindor), Colonel Tavington (Gryffindor), General Cornwallis (Ravenclaw), Charlotte (Hufflepuff), Anne (Gryffindor). [Read more]

Pirates of the Caribbean: Elizabeth (Gryffindor), Jack Gryffindor), Will (Hufflepuff), Norrington (Ravenclaw), Barbossa (Slytherin).

Pride & Prejudice: Lizzie (Gryffindor), Mr. Darcy (Slytherin), Jane (Hufflepuff), Bingley (Hufflepuff), Lydia (Gryffindor), Kitty (Hufflepuff), Mary (Ravenclaw), Mrs. Bennet (Ravenclaw), Mrs. Bennet (Slytherin), Wickham (Burned Slytherin), Caroline Lucas (Sytherin), Charlotte Lucas (Slytherin), Lady Catherine (Gryffindor). [Read more]

Sense and Sensibility: Elinor (Ravenclaw), Marianne (Gryffindor), Colonel Brandon (Slytherin), Edward (Hufflepuff).

Smallville: Clark (Hufflepuff), Lex (Slytherin), Lana (Hufflepuff), Lois (Gryffindor), Chloe (Gryffindor), Jonathan (Ravenclaw), Martha (Hufflepuff), Lionel (Slytherin).

The Spanish Princess: Catherine of Aragon (Gryffindor), Henry VIII (Gryffindor), Margaret Beaufort (Slytherin), Henry VII (Slytherin), Lina (Hufflepuff), Margaret Pole (Hufflepuff), Sir Thomas More (Ravenclaw).

Star Wars: Han (Slytherin), Leia (Gryffindor), Luke (Ravenclaw), Padme (Hufflepuff), Anakin (Slytherin), Rey (Hufflepuff), Finn (Slytherin), Poe (Gryffindor), Ben Solo (Ravenclaw), Obi-Wan (Ravenclaw).

Stranger Things: Joyce (Slytherin), Hopper (Gryffindor), Mike (Slytherin), Dustin (Hufflepuff), Eleven (Gryffindor), Lucas (Gryffindor), Will (Hufflepuff), Nancy (Gryffindor), Jonathan (Slytherin), Max (Gryffindor), Steve (Hufflepuff), Murray (Ravenclaw).

Teen Wolf: Scott (Hufflepuff), Allison (Ravenclaw), Stiles (Slytherin), Lydia (Ravenclaw).

Titanic: Rose (Gryffindor), Jack (Gryffindor), Cal (Slytherin), Ruth (Slytherin).

The Tudors: Henry VIII (Gryffindor), Katharine of Aragon (Gryffindor), Anne Boleyn (Slytherin), Jane Seymour (Hufflepuff), Anne of Cleves (Hufflepuff), Katherine Howard (Gryffindor), Catherine Parr (Hufflepuff), Mary I (Gryffindor), Sir Thomas More (Ravenclaw), Sir Thomas Cromwell (Ravenclaw), Cardinal Wolsey (Slytherin), Thomas Boleyn (Gryffindor), Margaret Tudor (Gryffindor), Charles Brandon (Gryffindor). [Read more]

The Vampire Diaries: Elena (Slytherin), Stefan (Hufflepuff), Damon (Slytherin), Katherine Pierce (Slytherin), Caroline (Hufflepuff), Matt (Gryffindor), Bonnie (Gryffindor). [Read more]

The White Queen: Jacquetta (Slytherin), Elizabeth (Slytherin), Margaret Beaufort (Gryffindor), Richard (Ravenclaw), Edward (Gryffindor), Anne Neville (Slytherin), George (Gryffindor).

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