Function Order: Se-Fi-Te-Ni

“We are sitting upon a field of victory, enjoying a few well-earned comforts.”


Pippin is always having fun, whether that includes lighting fireworks, stealing carrots from a field, or making the most of the hospitality of the elves by stuffing himself full of their good food. Unlike Merry, he does not grasp what is really happening in Middle-Earth, and assumes they can go back to their happy-go-lucky life in the Shire. It shocks him to think that there “won’t be a Shire.” His eagerness to interact with the outside world often gets him into trouble, like when he knocks an orc helmet and chain down a well in Moria, causing thousand of orcs to wake up and come after them. His strong feelings cause him to act in the moment—to rush out onto the battlefield to find Merry and keep looking for him long after the dust has settled. To volunteer to go along with the rest of the hobbits on the “mission… quest… thing.” To volunteer his service to Gondor because he feels he owes Boromir’s father a debt after his death. To try and save Faramir from being burned alive through physical intervention. But it all ultimately comes back to him being happiest when allowed to over-indulge in a pint, smoke a pipe, and dig into a big plate of food.

Enneagram: 7w6 sp/so

Pippin just wants to have a good time. He’s blindly naïve to what’s really going on, and assumes this “journey” is fun when they first start out; he doesn’t take the danger seriously even after seeing the Wraiths and soon is looking for ways to make their adventure more interesting and exciting. He finds ways to keep the experiences entertaining throughout – always leaping on the chance to dance, sing, have a pint, smoke a pipe, or eat until he keels over. He over-indulges in everything. Pippin enjoys being part of the group and wants to contribute; he doesn’t like others to see him as stupid, foolish, or selfish, but has creative arguments to excuse all of his thieving. His 6 wing makes him a little naïve and un-grounded, but also want to be part of the group; it makes him agreeable and also crave Gandalf’s approval. Whenever anything goes wrong, Pippin runs to him expecting his support (and he gets it).

The Jester Archetype

The Jester is characterized by humor, playfulness, and mischief. Jesters are always looking for ways to have fun and make others laugh. Jesters are also very flexible people who are able to adapt to any situation. They don’t get upset easily and are usually good at diffusing tense situations. They often see the world in a positive light and are good at diffusing tense situations.