Ana has a natural leadership ability and once they land on the island, organizes the other survivors around survival with herself in charge. She figures out how to keep them safe and is skeptical of people they do not know. She decides to test Sawyer and the others they find washed up on the beach by having Eko hit her, then pretending to be a survivor, and luring them into a false sense of security so she can steal Sawyer’s gun. Ana similarly later misleads Sawyer into a sexual encounter so she can make off with his weapon. Much like Jack, she makes a lot of hard, tough decisions to ensure they stay alive and this makes her unpopular among the more emotional members of the group. A lot of her suspicions toward the “Others” is based on her own individualized experience of them stealing into camp and making off with them, one by one – often taking the kids first. She has developed a natural mistrust of strangers and only accepts other people once they have proven themselves to her. Ana uses what she learned on the police force to help her make decisions, and is methodical in how she gathers information – but she is also quick to point out alternative scenarios to what they trust to be real – planting doubt in Jack’s mind as to his prisoner, encouraging him to build an army for an assault against the Others, etc. She was a good cop with a strong work ethic, but who also struggled with inferior Fi related issues of holding on to resentment, not knowing what to do with her feelings, and impulsively deciding to shoot the man who caused her to lose her unborn child in a shooting. Having murdered him, she resigned from the police force. Ana is surprised when others don’t feel as she would in their shoes (she doesn’t get why Sayid can just forgive her for killing Shannon, even if it was an accident).

Enneagram: cp6w5 sp/so

Ana puts on a tough girl act to cover up her insecurities and very real fears about the island, the people in it, and what they intend to do to the survivors. At first, she seems no-nonsense and goes overboard in being abrasive, but as time goes on, we see her crack and start to care more and more about how others feel about her. She doesn’t want to release Sayid out of a fear that ‘he will come after me.’ She distrusts “Henry” and thinks he is one of the “Others.” She refuses to interrogate him without having a gun handy for protection. Ana was very family-oriented as a cop, often deferring to her police commissioner mother’s wishes and demands, and hoping to go home when she boarded the flight. She has an “us vs them” mentality that is common in 6w5s – she wants to gather together with others and band against a common enemy.