Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

Alice came to the west having sold herself as a wife, but when she lost her husband, a man she had never met, on the day of their wedding to a flash flood, she made a life of her own on his ranch. She will remark on various old wives’ tales told to her by him (that there is treasure buried under fence posts, to keep it safe from bandits) but then smilingly admit she has never found them to be true. She purchases a large amount of horses for a profit and intends to make it. When Roy Goode turns up with a talent for horseflesh and training, she sees him as a business investment as much as feels something for him, so she offers him a good job breaking them. To obtain his release from prison in such a way that the other women of the town agree, she promises to sell them some of her horses at a lower price than she intended to charge. When an outlaw gang threatens the town, Alice decides for once to throw her lot in with them and help defend them from atop the bank. She has no problem shooting people, threatening them with guns, or telling them to get off her property. She has a quiet tendency to just bond with people, and the night before Roy leaves to track down the gang and kill them, she sleeps with him in the barn, without saying a word about her feelings. She has no desire to control him, either—when he decides to up and leave for California and never return, despite having slept with her and being a good father for her son, Alice just accepts his decision. She hopes to earn enough money on the ranch to go back east and live a more proper life, like the one she grew up in, since there’s nothing keeping her on the ranch.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Alice keeps to herself and avoids trouble, but also isn’t afraid to defend her property—often with a loaded shotgun and some attitude. She will negotiate and appease when necessary, but she also has no great interest in being nice to the people in town, because they rejected her and her lifestyle when she returned married to an Indian. She doesn’t seem to get flustered about much of anything, and isn’t afraid of anyone, which makes her a capable woman to have on your side when you’re about to all die in a shoot-out. She’s somewhat over-adjusted and unable to ask to have her needs fulfilled when they are emotional; though she obviously loves Roy based on their short acquaintance, she doesn’t ask him to stay when he saddles up to leave, because she assumes he has his own life and that she ought to have no great importance in it. Whenever she feels threatened, she becomes more forceful and refuses to go along with people.