Barnabus has spent a lifetime doing everything a rich man is supposed to do (accumulate property and learning), but it still brings him no happiness. He is delighted to find a Messiah that fulfills all the ancient prophecies, but is somewhat reluctant to let go of the old for the new in terms of changing around his theology completely and releasing his respect for the temple. Memories of previous encounters with Saul are cemented in his mind, and hard for him to overcome. His inferior Ne shows in safety first. No, Saul, starting a riot in the temple is not “incredible” – it’s insane. If you stand there, they will kill you. Can we not talk about how the temple is a worthless pile of stones while standing IN the temple courtyard? You know that Caiaphas remembers what you look like, right? That’s his office right there! They are after us; we need to leave. Like, NOW. And yet, Barnabus is very interested in a greater truth, and quickly grasps the big picture implicated in the resurrection of Christ. Once he sees how Saul has changed and become so much more full of enthusiasm and love, Barnabus becomes the peacekeeper, trying to arrange terms and help the other disciples overcome their fear of Saul in order to embrace him. He is forever thinking of their reactions and how he can soften them (“Let me go in first!”) to prepare the way. He is a kind, gentle, and thoughtful man, who enjoys being part of a larger group dynamic. He is also quite intelligent and funny; Barnabuas is always ready with a wisecrack remark back (“Is Saul always like this?” “Only when he’s awake”; “I would love to discuss this with you. Somewhere else. Not here”). His serious conversation with John early on establishes that he has analyzed his own heart, and knows that he needs “more,” so he has taken it upon himself to find answers to his many questions.

Enneagram: 6w7 so/sp

Barnabus is extremely cautious and does not like to take risks; he urges Paul to stop saying such provocative things in the temple, or around the temple, or in fact, within fifty miles of the temple. Concerned with how others may respond to Paul, he offers to go in first and smooth the way. Barnabas is loyal to his friend, and able to forgive Paul his behaviors, once he sees the transformation in him. He can be funny, often choosing to diffuse tension with humor and wit. His 7 wing makes him playful and sometimes impulsive, choosing to dedicate his land to his friends for their use rather than sell it, as well as being brave enough to travel around and share the gospel.