Prim is a quiet, sensible and grounded girl, who understands how things work even if she doesn’t always prefer them to be that way. She has her daily rituals, such as brushing the dust off their father’s portrait, and braiding her mother’s hair before she goes to school. The profession she chooses, as a healer and medic, shows her desire to be hands-on in helping other people. She tenderly and patiently cares for whatever creature or person comes into her life, and her long experience of being around her sister gives her insights into Katniss that Katniss is unaware of. Prim can think ahead positively and strategically – she gives Katniss the idea to make “requests” from Coin in exchange for her help during the Revolution. She has a gentle heart and a compassionate concern for everyone, even people she does not know. Prim risks her own life to go to the front lines and attend to anyone in need. She spends her time and life helping and loving and caring for other people, from her yellow cat to the goat her sister bought her, to her mother and even to Katniss when she needs to heal after her trauma. Prim doesn’t like to rush into anything, but is careful, patient, and thoughtful. She is good at analyzing her sister’s feelings and helping her see things in a different light.

Enneagram: 9w1 so/sp

Prim is the opposite of Katniss – gentle, sweet, easily hurt by life, horrified at injustice or cruelty, and with a non-judgmental love for all creatures and even her “enemies.” She gives and gives with no expectation of return, she hates the thought of harming anyone or anything, and she allows her sister to take care of her, before she shows an independent streak and becomes a medic, so she can help others. Katniss’ affectionate but sorrowful view of her is that life will “crush” her, because she is so sweet, gentle, and kind. Prim thinks ill of no one. She expects nothing in return for her kindness. Her 1 wing is driven, principled, and believes in doing what is right.