Rogers is a born opportunist, who notices everything others attempt to hide and finds ways to exploit them. When Simcoe runs him out of the Rangers, Rogers discovers Abe’s status as a spy and uses it against him, blackmailing him into helping him attempt to take out Simcoe. He does not mind inserting himself into intense situations, either – threatening people, taking them hostage, laughing off people shooting at him, and breaking bottles over their heads. He seems to have no fear of dying, on a genuine level, and is very earthy as well (always drinking, punching people, or looking for things to do, sometimes in provoking others). His inferior Ni comes up in flits from time to time, in his long-term goals (such as to get even with Simcoe, to use Major Hewlett in his plans, etc) but he is not always accurate in his judgment. Logical and objective, Rogers takes whatever life gives him – and does not much concern himself with whether it is “right or wrong” by an objective moral standard. He is willing to go to extremes to get things done, but also has an instinctive understanding of other people, and their emotional dynamics; he easily senses when two spies are having an affair, or “had” one, because he can “feel” the energy between them. He uses his tert Fe to command his men, win over their loyalty and trust, convince them to follow him, and create a “we” within their ranks, but also feels no need to demand their loyalty; he understands when they are “just following orders” and have to shoot at him.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Rogers loathes weakness in himself and others and never gives it a chance to take root. He is bold, brash, and self-assured. Never showing fear and not backing down in the face of aggression, he often advances on others and makes them capitulate to what he wants. He only respects other 8s (such as Anna and Abe) because they won’t give him an inch, and in that way, he can see them as equals. He can be brutal and cutting, punishing and not shying away from black and white thinking or retaliations. His 7 wing gives him a playful edge, but also makes him not interested in admitting to any of his faults (along with an 8ish core tendency to assume he is always in the right).