Bellatrix is opportunistic in battle, and often reckless in chasing after those she intends to target—in the Battle of Hogwarts, her attention shifts rapidly and she takes after anyone within reaching distance. Her uncaring actions led her to imprisonment in Azkaban, and she eagerly escapes once Voldemort springs her—to wreak more havoc on the world. She can be a dangerous adversary, eager for glory and far more demanding than Malfoy, who often tries to lead through emotional appeals and manipulation—she would rather use direct violence, and enjoys torturing people. She has a “slavish devotion” to Voldemort that borders on sexual obsession—and is highly emotionally reactive, unhinged, and self-focused. She prides herself on her highborn birth and lashes out at anyone who refuses to give her what she wants. Bellatrix, out of her deeps-seated resentment for Pureblood families associating with Muffles and even marrying them, targets them first in any encounter. She can make ruthless decisions—unlike some of them, she chooses to kill her adversaries quickly and get them out of the way (thus reducing them to no threat at all) rather than incapacitate them. It’s a brutal and nasty way to fight, but wholly logical. But she also has good instincts—Bellatrix alone is the only Death Eater in Voldemort’s intimate circle who does not trust Snape… and she is right not to. He betrays them all.

Enneagram: cp 6w7 sp/sx

Bellatrix is unhinged and a psychopath, but is also militantly loyal to the Dark Lord, and prides herself on being his most “loyal servant.” She is utterly distraught at the thought that his Horcrux might have been stolen from her vault, and warns her family to be cautious before they summon him, in case they are wrong about Potter’s identity. She loves to create chaos wherever she goes, but also runs for her life when Dumbledore shows up at the Ministry of Magic, aware that she can be killed (she abandons Voldemort in doing so). She also has a playful and insane side, which takes pleasure in messing with people and torturing them for her own amusement.