Function Order: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si

Aro is forever looking ahead, in search of vampires who display useful, interesting, or unique talents to add to his collection of immortals, which makes him interested in obtaining Alice, Bella, and even Edward for the Volturi. He’s unpredictable in his moods, and readily able to change his approach, conclusion, or idea when faced with new facts to alter his perspectives—he arrives in Forks believing their daughter to be a vampire child, is delighted to find out she is half human, and then agrees to leave her in peace after he hears from a witness that the half-mortal, half-vampire is not only possible, but will not threaten them or draw human attention to their existence. Aro often does things just to find out what will happen, such as asking Jane to attempt torturing Bella after she proves immune to his powers. He can be callous and dismissive of lives, both vampire and human, often seeing people as his toys and using them for food, entertainment, and as fodder for his armies. Aro tested Carlisle’s resistance to blood by leaving warm bodies outside his library in their life together. He also murdered his own sister, to keep one of the high-ranking Volturi with him after they threatened to leave. When faced with what he wants from the Cullens, having come all this way, Aro turns on a Fe charm and persuasion to both ease their anger toward him, and then attempt to convince the Volturi in the “moral right” of killing the child, in case she endangers “our existence.” He can be charming, persuasive, coy, and threatening, all under the guise of polite and even innocent sweetness. Now and again, he reminiscences on the past with, or about, Carlisle. Aro collects valuable things from different time periods. His own previous encounters with loss and death make him paranoid about the loss of his wife and what emotional havoc it might wreak on him, so he takes pains to protect her at all costs. He is old enough to have developed an interest in gathering extensive details before deciding (hence, his hesitation to attack the Cullens, and his curiosity toward Bella and Edward’s child).

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sp

Aro is an eccentric who is so delighted with something he has never seen before, he breaks out into hysterical laughter. He pretends to be more accommodating and good than he is, to disarm people and convince them his intentions are not selfish—but they are. He has killed people close to him to maintain control over them, and never admitted to any of it, seeing it as ‘necessary’ rather than doing something wrong. He takes whatever he wants and has a habit of stealing away special vampires for his army by ‘pardoning them’ after he finds ‘their minds repentant.’ This is his way of abdicating responsibility for his evil actions and decisions. Aro can be whimsical, idealistic, and easily bored, delighted with the unknown… but also is fearful that he might die. He protects himself well, keeps his wife locked up for her own well-being, and doesn’t allow anyone to get too close. Alice’s vision of his decision to attack them accumulating in his own destruction changes his mind and makes him peacefully and ‘sweetly’ go into a full retreat.