Edward is polite, well-mannered, and charming, a relic from a bygone era who believes in marriage before sex, who gives Bella his mother’s wedding ring, and admits that he would have liked to ‘court’ her, like in the olden days (and he would ask her father for permission first). He retains speech patterns and beliefs from his youth, before he was turned, and has a great deal of torment centered around the things he did before he became a ‘vegetarian.’ Many of his opinions are shaped by his own personal experiences; his remembrance of bloodlust, his regret over his past actions, and his encounters with other people. He sometimes reminiscences on his old life and holds to many of the old traditions. He holds onto relics from the past, and passes them on to Bella (including her wedding ring). Family is intensely important to him, and at times Edward finds it difficult to overcome his mistakes. He also maintains a few specific hobbies from his youth, and focuses primarily on musical appreciation. He also makes a lot of his decisions about and “for” Bella, as if it’s his personal responsibility to take care of her—sometimes at the cost of giving her what she wants. Edward is always making decisions for her, and in a way, can be rather controlling of her behaviors. He doesn’t want her to see Jacob, and voices his disapproval against it, adopting his family’s dislike and distrust of the werewolves. In his numerous attempts to convince Bella to choose a mortal life instead of a vampire one, Edward often talks about the emotional aspect of what she is sacrificing—her loved ones, her relationship with her mother and father, and how it will make them feel to think she’s dead. Though he has a difficult relationship with Jacob, after spending some time with him and hearing his honest feelings for Bella, Edward admits that in different circumstances, they might have been friends. He is straightforward in confessing his feelings, and sometimes does things just to annoy Jacob, such as passionately kissing Bella, while being fully aware of Jacob’s resentful feelings. For awhile, during his youth, Edward rebelled from his family lifestyle and went out into the world, using his ability to read other people to target and kill enemies of society. His fear of losing Bella, or what might happen if he turns her into a vampire, causes him to be overly protective of her and resistant to change. Edward has rather poor intuition—he can read minds, but also makes wrongful predictions most of the time. He adopts a negative, pessimistic viewpoint of the future once Bella becomes pregnant and wants to abort their child, convinced it is an evil force in her life. He also assumes she is dead after she delivers the child, and it takes Carlisle to convince him otherwise.

Enneagram:  6w5 sx/sp

Edward “gives Bella whiplash” because he approaches her, then backs off, then becomes friendly, then insists he’s trash and she should stay away from him. He doesn’t trust himself not to suck her dry and leave her dead in a ditch, but he can’t stay away from her, either. Edward tries repeatedly to convince her to fear him, to no success; he is over-cautious and protective, sometimes too much so—he about goes out of his mind with worry whenever she stays too long on the Reservation, he doesn’t want her to spend any time with Jacob (both out of fear for her safety and jealousy), and he can be nervous, neurotic, and reactive, especially angry whenever anyone threatens her. But whenever he isn’t in “panic” mode, Edward is charming, polite, loyal to his family, and good-natured, able to forgive, plan ahead, and keep things light. He’s able to befriend Jacob after a while and remains clear-headed in a crisis; he is something of a loner with no friends, who hasn’t chosen anyone to be with until he finds Bella. And even then, he’s reluctant to turn her, to draw her into his world, and doesn’t feel “ready.”