Kitty is a sensible but high strung young woman led about by her feelings and expectations about how life should be. She assumes given the attentions that Vronsky have given her that he will propose to her, and is shocked and hurt when he spurns her in public to dance with her beautiful cousin, whom she eagerly told her expectations to only hours earlier. Kitty rejects Levin in the expectation that she will receive a superior proposal, but does not want to hurt his feelings. She struggles between her need to do what others expect and her own desire to be true to what she wants for her life, eventually finding happiness in the latter when she marries Levin and finds the lifestyle she always wanted—as a wife and mother able to provide and care for her loved ones. She is deeply offended when Levin tells her about all the women he has been with ahead of their wedding, because that is something you do not do, but she also forgives him and accepts that this is something that all men do (philander, but not tell their wives about it). Kitty has certain expectations from life—that she will marry well and be happy, but is also practical and down to earth. She is unruffled by her pregnancy and the birth of their child, seeing it as natural and easy. When Levin’s brother needs cared for, she undertakes the hard task of doing it for herself, treating him with compassion and ensuring he doesn’t sleep in sweat-drenched clothes all night long. She starts out somewhat naïve but matures as the story goes along, becoming more insightful into her husband rather than just idealistic (Ne).

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sp

Kitty starts out the story a bit arrogant in her assumptions of how adored and loved she is, and how she deserves all the best things in life. She is humbled when Vronsky disappoints her, and that forces her to take a long look at her motivations and what constitutes genuine happiness. This leads her back to Levin, with whom she forms a deep and abiding love in contrast with Anna and Vronsky’s lust-affair. She enjoys looking after and providing for others needs, listening to their problems and offering solutions, and doing the hard work of serving them in whatever way is necessary, even if it’s unpleasant. Her 1 wing is moralistic and firm in her views, making her desire to do what is right and appalled by other people’s social misbehavior or failures.