Eva starts out as a cheerful, good-natured, and hard-working girl who uses all the traditional methods of gainful employment – she gets a job in a factory and agrees to hold a strike for the betterment of everyone around her, she refuses to accept a higher wage and a promotion when it threatens the unhappiness of her friends (and is unfair to them, since “we all deserve more money”), she gets a job in a shop where she modestly serves people, and then she tries prostitution after changing her name when she cannot find work without references. In all things, she has a “we” mindset – always thinking about others’ welfare in addition to her own, talking about herself as if in a group or part of a greater whole, putting her own needs and ambitions aside for the betterment of others. She won’t accept money from her lover, once she finds out “he is stealing it” because she doesn’t want him to get into trouble (never mind herself and her needs). Eva is aware of social class and standards and says the reason she cannot marry her lover is because his family would not approve. She asks for a charitable society to help her, and is upset when they won’t because she is pregnant out of wedlock; she asks them if they aren’t supposed to help people like her, if this isn’t the reason their society exists in the first place? She thinks her way through things, but isn’t much interested in crazy ideas or scenarios, though she admits that she has to believe God exists and is good, because she wants to believe in a higher purpose.

Enneagram: 2w1 so/sx

Eva is a “troublemaker” at the factory, according to Arthur, because she was looking out for everyone’s welfare and initiated a strike so that she and the other girls could receive a fair wage to offset the rising cost of living in the city. She refused to accept a promotion that would leave the other girls high and dry but solve her own problems. She wants to believe in the kindness and goodness of people, and it’s only after a few men mistreat her that she starts to question that, instead turning her faith toward God (because he must be good). She falls easily in and out of love and is highly attractive and pleasing to her lovers, but devastated when they sever the connection and jilt her. Her 1 wing wants to do the right thing by everyone and be principled, can be straightforward in how she expresses her feelings about what others are doing, and feels guilt-ridden enough about being forced into prostitution to change her name to conceal her true identity.