Shuri tells her brother, “nothing exists which cannot be improved on”; she is never content with anything just as it is, but how she can improve on and innovate it; she redesigns him brand new suits and gadgets in her high tech lab, she keeps her eye on the bigger picture, and designs all kinds of ‘useful toys’ to keep his safe – including remote-controlled cars and planes that she loves to take out and test-drive herself. She has utter disdain for ‘old school’ technology, since she believes there is always a way to push forward. She agrees with Nakia that they need to step out of their old ways, embrace a brighter future, and become more involved with the outside world, rather than be isolationists. She’s a brilliant, logical inventor who spends most of her time in the lab, tweaking and improving on existing tech… or creating new stuff. Shuri also has a witty, extroverted side which loves to semi-insult people with fondness behind it (she calls the FBI agent a “colonizer,” freaks people out by raising her hand at the challenge and then asking if they could wrap all of this up and go home since “this corset is really uncomfortable”). Her emotional ideals are based in what is best for her people, and she is concerned for their general welfare… but it’s not her top interest or drive. She has zero respect for ‘the way things have always been,’ no interest in their beloved traditions her brother holds so dear (she mocks the crowning ceremony and pushes him to ‘get out more’) and no interest in the details, other than to remain attentive to her creative projects and re-design some of the same things several times, to force her brother to ‘upgrade’ to cooler stuff.

Enneagram: 7w8 so/sx

Shuri is playful and outgoing, and always tries to make a joke out of everything; she openly mocks her brother for freezing up and not being able to talk when he meets his ex, taunts him with how much smarter she is than he is, cracks a hilarious joke / complaint at the height of a tense emotional confrontation (whether T’Challa will become king or not; she urges them to wrap it up so they can all go home!), and actively pranks him by setting him up in the lab to punch his own suit, then punch it a second time – and go crashing across the lab. She even video records it for her own personal amusement later. Shuri is aggressive, confrontational, and has no interest in what others think of her; she is sometimes inappropriate in front of people (dismissive of her mother, and of their traditions), upfront about her feelings (whether or not it’s the right time and place), and urges her brother to kick Erik’s butt and show him who the king is! She is fearless and rushes into combat, even if it isn’t her forte unless she has a technologically advanced weapon to help her win.