Collette is a much more serious cook than most of the other people in the kitchen, with a wealth of information and details about all of them (this one has that history, that one was in prison, we don’t know what for, because his story changes every time, etc). She tells Linguini all he needs to know to start out, and tells him as long as he follows the recipe to the smallest detail, he should be fine. She measures things according to how familiar she is with them (“I have never done this recipe before, but if he did it, and all the other ones he’s done are good, it will be fine”), and relies on what is tried and true; she just follows the recipe, and doesn’t like it when Linguini appears to be doing things his own way. She is blunt, tough-talking, and businesslike. She asserts herself right away by saying she has worked hard to get where she is, that the system is anti-female, and that she has had to be twice as good as all the men just to reach this position. Collette follows the recipe, and trusts it, without improvising much, and feels anxiety when others do. She is hard-working, dependable, and sincere, but also has a kind heart. She sees Linguini struggling and takes time out of her busy schedule to show him what to do, outline simple rules for him to follow (keep his elbows tucked in and his sleeves clean, clean up his work station as he goes, etc). She doesn’t waste time on idle speculation or think about the broader implications of things, just focuses on doing her job well.

Enneagram: 1w2 sp/so

Collette is driven and hard-working, but also angry almost all of the time; she’s angry about having to work so hard to get where she is, and needing to maintain a high performance level so some man doesn’t take her place. She’s angry that some kid who knows nothing and just walked in off the street is now making excellent food, even though he doesn’t know a thing about working in the kitchen. When she thinks he has dismissed her, and is now ‘too good’ for her, she yells at him and storms out of the kitchen. Collette is a bit off-putting at first, but soon shows her 2ish side in how she tries to help Linguini by showing him the ropes, admitting that she wanted him to succeed, and that she liked him right away. She falls in love with him and lets her heart do the talking, even though at first she resents having to babysit his efforts.