Linguini has a good heart, even if he is something of a klutz – when his boss tells him to kill a rat, he thinks about throwing it in the Seine in a jar to drown, but cannot find it within himself to murder an innocent creature. He believes this is a talented rat, who has cooked something in front of his very eyes and gotten it right, and that they can work together to get him out of the scrape he is in, because he really can’t afford to get fired again. Linguini believes they can pull it off, without considering the logistics of it, that they could get discovered and shut down by the health inspector, or even considering his inability to talk to Remy as a barrier between them. He just assumes they can figure out some way to cook together. He falls in love with Collette the minute he lays on her. Linguini is also reactive in the moment; after he spills the soup, he dumps water in it, then throws in a bunch of spices without knowing anything about cooking, portions, or measurements, or thinking that he might ruin it, upset a paying customer, or knock off one of their “five star” ratings. Linguini is scatterbrained, unfocused, and always in trouble in the kitchen for banging into things. He reacts on an emotional level separate from how others see him, but is also apologetic when he screws anything up or ‘looks like an idiot.’ He will randomly burst out with a comment, a joke, or an offhanded remark, then try to cover up his faux pas with goofy behavior (or a kiss, in one instance). Linguini admits that he is not creative when it comes to cooking, and he would have just followed the recipe as it was written down, without improvising himself. He can be somewhat blunt under pressure – kicking Remy out of his kitchen after a fight, ordering all of them away when he finds them stealing from the pantry, and telling Ego to his face that he’s pretty skinny to be a food critic. Linguini doesn’t question things much, like how a rat could possibly be such a good cook, he just wants to use them to get things done. He admits that he doesn’t have a good working track record, and has gotten fired from a bunch of different jobs due to his own ineptitude.

Enneagram: 6w7 sp/so

Linguini is a likable guy who just doesn’t want to get fired, or have people get mad at him, and so goes out of his way to make sure he can keep his job, by pretending to be something he isn’t (a chef). He is also quite honest, however, in that he tells people that this is only the fourth time he has cooked a meal. He is constantly freaking about, fearful of being discovered, worried about someone finding out about Remy, and suspicious of his motivations and behaviors – after saving Remy and bringing him home, he wakes up the next morning, assumes he has gone, and says that’s what he gets for trusting a rat! (He then falls silent to notice Remy has made them both a delicious breakfast.) He has a lot of manic energy, uses humor to try and diffuse tense situations, and likes to keep things light at work as much as he can.