Functional Order: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

Palpatine wastes no time in immediately putting himself forward as the supreme ruler of the senate when the previous administration receives a “vote of no confidence.” His intention is ultimately to rule the Empire, and he gives the task of protecting him on the way up to his underlings, taking on an administrative role, recruiting spies and double agents, eliminating his enemies, and logically targeting the weaknesses of his opponents. Control and organization comes so easily to him that Papatine makes an effective ruler, to great success in the senate… and gradually expands his power into a brutal dictatorship. Not only are his own plans long term, Palpatine patiently cultivates others to do his work for him, in assisting him in reaching his ultimate desire to rule the Empire. He reads and manipulates Padme to help push him nearer to power. He sees vast potential in Anakin and nudges him one decision at a time toward the Dark Side. He foresees the threat Luke will be, and wants him eradicated. Each decision and action takes him nearer his ultimate purpose, and he never wavers from it, using other people’s mistakes and miscalculations along the way to boost his power. He adapts quickly, leaping on opportunities as they arise—he sees even the potential in his own near-death in pushing Anakin over the edge into darkness, and is not afraid to risk himself bodily in the process. He is effective in sensing power shifts and participating in them. Risks do not frighten him, merely aid him. In his younger years as senator, he enjoys lavish events that let him interact with interesting people. He doesn’t mind stepping into the unknown. His belief that emotion is a weakness he can exploit backfires in his face when he underestimates the incredible bond Vader has with Luke; he fails to see how emotion has any part in decision making, thus bringing about his own eventual end. His ruthlessness enables him to be separate from others, using their pain merely to his greater design, rather than receiving pleasure from it.

Enneagram: 3w4 so/sp

Palpatine is ruthless, ambitious, and driven, but does all his best work behind the scenes, using emotional manipulation to turn Anakin to the Dark Side, shift power to himself within the Senate, and achieve his ultimate goal of becoming the Emperor. He pretends to be more humble than he is, and waits for the appropriate moment to seize control. Palpatine sees nothing wrong with concealing his intentions and identity, but also has a typical detachment from emotions that eventually undermines his own position. Darth Vader winds up destroying him, rather than yielding to his demand he kill his son, Luke. His 4 wing feels superior in every way to the common masses, comparing himself to them and coming out as elitist, because he does not share their feeble emotions.