Functional Order: Si-Te-Fi-Ne

When Morpheus first found Trinity, she was working as a computer hacker – and that is still where she applies her areas of expertise, within the group. She has complete knowledge of the Matrix and its system, she knows her way around it, and she does her best work from behind a computer, but she is also sensory-aware and able to interact with the environment. Trinity, however, sometimes falters when she doesn’t know how to do something—she wants to steal a motorcycle off a moving truck, but feels stumped until someone produces a key that will work in any machine. Though she rushes into action to save Neo more than once, she sometimes miscalculates and winds up in trouble herself—cornered by agents, thrown off a building, or even impaled. She does not believe in Neo as “the chosen one” until she sees what he can do with her own eyes and watches him learn, automatically (Ti/Ni) how to manipulate the Matrix to answer to him. She is logical and practical, good with problem-solving, but as pointed out above, stumped when a problem seems to have no easy answer. She doesn’t know how to hot-wire a motorcycle nor the time to do it. Trinity can problem-solve behind a desk, but often rushes into action to right a wrong and protect her loved ones without understanding how things work. She is hard to convince, and has to wrap her mind around the facts before she will believe Neo has a future among them, that he can somehow change their fortunes for the better, and even see her purpose in their lives. Her Fi forms strong, but silent attachments to Morpheus and Neo in particular – she is willing to fight and die for him, but also doesn’t tell him how she feels about him until she thinks it is too late, and he is dying. From that moment onward, they don’t discuss their feelings openly, but she displays them in her actions. Her lower Ne believes in someone else’s vision, but it is not hers – she did not originate it, and she is more inclined to question it than Morpheus, who has an absolutism involved in his “total belief.”

Enneagram: cp 6w5 so/sp

Trinity has a push-pull relationship to authority; she is questioning, doubtful, defiant, and assertive, but also will do what Morpheus tells her. She sends mixed messages, being skeptical of Neo and then falling in love with him. She has chosen her cause and fights for it, even risks her life for it, but is also cautious and often asks for help. Trinity will get her butt out of there and be obedient when it comes to safety concerns (“You said to stay off the highway!!”) as much as she can. She tends to be fiercely loyal to her friends and doesn’t turn her back on them easily. Her 5 wing tries to remain detached, and can indeed make hard decisions by putting up a mental wall, but she mostly group-seeks and finds a belief in which to place her trust.