Prior to realizing he’s living in a computer simulation, Neo spends his free time earning money through hacking computer systems. He struggles at first to understand the concept of his external reality being false, but then once he comprehends how the virtual reality works, he can simply manipulate it to his own standards—learning to defy gravity, halt bullets in midair, and “hack” his way through things. His logical approach, combined with his lower Ni ability to ‘get’ things, enables him to react quickly on a mental level, and figure things out. When he meets the creator of the Matrix, Neo asks him questions, curious about the mental mindset behind the process. While Neo struggles to accept Morpheus’ Ni-dom abstractions and explanations for the universe, alongside any predictions at first from the Oracle, it’s the physical manifestations and “proof” that convince him. He is also very quick to pick up fighting, to start using his environment, and to believe himself capable of doing things other people cannot, within the Matrix. In fact, after a couple of training sessions with Morpheus, he can more than take care of himself. He can be “in the moment” and somewhat reckless on occasion – throwing himself into battle to protect his friends, showing little concern for time constraints, adapting quickly when five hundred Agent Smiths come after him, etc. But Neo also has a lower Ni “sense of things.” He cannot always explain his hunches; he will just say he feels it or “I just… know.” He has a sense of his destiny and wants to believe in it, and makes it happen through his belief and by being “present.” Neo, as the series progresses, shows more interest in the motivations and symbolic meaning behind events. His inferior Fe also sees a need to be part of a group, to give back in a sense (after he relaxes into it), and chooses to make an emotional decision over a logical one – to save Trinity rather than choose the other door, which leads to greater self-understanding. Neo is also not good at figuring out emotional dynamics or self-expression and struggles to articulate his feelings at times; he becomes more emotional and reactive under pressure (when his friends are in danger).

Enneagram: 5w6 so/sp

For awhile, Neo approaches everything through a sense of detached “hidden-ness.” He rejects anything that seems irrational, out of a preference for his own conclusions. He does not want to get involved, but at the same time is curious to understand everything. So he chooses one pill over the other, and finds himself in the midst of a war, and “reality.” Even so, Neo remains somewhat distant, skeptical, and critical, until proof comes into the picture. Then, he gets involved in the group, he chooses Trinity as his particular favorite, and he integrates into being more “present” and not an “observer” of life (his previous life of avoiding leaving his apartment). His 6 wing is skeptical, distrustful of authority, somewhat rebellious against it, but also willing and able to connect easily to others and work to support the group.