Columbo cannot let something go until he understands it. He often halts an investigation to puzzle over why something is out of place, or how that happened, or what is going on, whereas the other police detectives are more interested in the obvious clues. Most of the series’ escapades focus on him methodically and carefully unraveling the “why” the murderer did what he did, and figuring out how to trap him into a confession or find the evidence to prove it. It’s hard to tell whether Columbo knows immediately who did it, or casts his net wide and then follows his instincts, but his intuition often leads him to the right person. From there, he just has to find the details to prove it. He gets a sense of someone, and uses that to push all their buttons, presenting theories that are very close to the truth in order to unnerve them. He “bumbles around” to throw them off their guard, and fixates on the smaller details to see how they will react. He’s also far more interested in his intellectual police pursuits than in his personal life, although he does reference things at home all the time (and on occasion, what his wife knows about something comes in handy). He often displays good-natured inferior Fe by appealing to others for assistance (pretending to need their input, flattering their ego, calling them a genius and how he would never think of that, etc) and by being a little distraught if people do not like him or chastise him for inappropriate behavior.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/so

Columbo is extremely calm at all times, and very mild-mannered. He does not like to make people upset with him, and on several occasions, becomes distressed when someone doesn’t like him for smoking in the house. He goes out of his way to apologize and not offend them further. But he also uses his 9ish numbing instincts to throw people off their guard, since he rather complacently grins at insults. He shows no ambition except when on a case, and is perfectly content to just be a lieutenant. He drives around a car on its last wheels and doesn’t really care about stop signs, speed limits, or people calling it a “piece of junk.” His 1 wing, however, is hard-working when on a case, and has a sense of moral justice he tries to live up to – only once does he let a murderer get away with it, because he knows she cannot remember what happened. His 5 is self-trusting of his own hunches and logic. But his 3 is where all the fun is at – he acts like an idiot to get criminals to under-estimate him, and then plays them. Columbo “becomes” the role to get what he wants. As an sp/so, he’s self-contained, but also feels a need to give back to his community through his police work.