Peter’s emotions drive all of his decisions throughout the trilogy—when he endures a cage fight and the man refuses to pay him, Peter then turns around and doesn’t stop the man who has robbed the place, thus resulting in his uncle’s death. Out of a sense of vengeance, he hunts down the man he believes is responsible and accidentally kills him. MJ calls him a closed book, since she can never tell what he is feeling and he often will not share it with her. Everyone says he is a “nice guy… but just not dependable,” because after that incident, he takes it upon himself to save and help people in distress. Peter can often get wrapped up in his own feelings and forget to check in with other people—this drives him and MJ apart in the third film. Peter is so full of himself, because the entire city loves him, that he chatters on about his own successes, and ignores the fact that MJ just had a career-crushing critique in the local newspaper. He excitedly urges her to come see his ‘big day’ where Spider-Man will receive the key to the city, and never asks what has her so upset (she got fired). He intends to propose to her at a fancy restaurant, assuming everything is all right between them, when in reality MJ is furious that he would share ‘our kiss’ (the upside-down one) with Gwen Stacy as a crowd-pleasing publicity stunt. He shows lots of inferior Te under stress, especially when infected by Venom—he screams at his landlord to fix his damn door if he wants his rent check, he breaks Brock’s camera and calls him a “chump” (not to mention outs him at the newspaper as a “fake” and gets him fired). He fights the Sandman to what he thinks is his death and coldly flushes him down the pipes, and even flings an explosive at his former best friend and coldly walks away while it explodes into a fireball behind him. Peter focuses mainly in science and technology as his major, and is relatively poor at handling his environment—he doesn’t think to deliver pizzas using his spider powers soon enough and loses his job as a result (also, because he stopped to rearrange everything he knocked over in the closet). He has a variety of interests and has built up a bunch of “geek” information about all kinds of science-related things, which he wishes he could use to impress MJ with (but Harry does it for him). He says he has good intuition and that MJ will get her dream, and everything she wants out of life, but confesses that he doesn’t know what he wants for himself, or where his life will go from that moment forward. He has harbored a crush on “the girl next door” for many years—since she first moved in!

Enneagram: 9w8 so/sp

When Peter first meets Doc “Ock,” the man says Peter’s professor calls him “brilliant… but lazy.” In a sense, that’s true. Peter has gone to sleep about his own life, his own needs, and his ambitions… he has morphed so much into Spider-Man, he has no ability to get his college homework done, show up at work on time, deliver pizzas within the time limits, or take the initiative at his job and ask for a permanent position. Peter caves rather easily to outside pressure, tries to avoid problems and other people’s anger whenever possible, doesn’t tell his aunt the truth about his involvement in his uncle’s accidental death for two years (out of fear she will hate him or be angry with him), and doesn’t know how to apologize to MJ or make it right when he has hurt her feelings. He is passive and accepting, doesn’t complain about his lousy apartment (but does ask for more time to pay the rent)… until something triggers his 8 wing. Then, Peter becomes angry, active, aggressive, and seeks revenge for past wrongs. Venom brings out this side of his personality, and makes him a much more aggressive Spider-Man, throwing criminals around and causing collateral damage. He seizes control at work and slams Brock into the wall, literally. He demands the respect of everyone around him. Even at times without Venom, Peter can show unflinching authority and ‘power,’ but he will often return back to his 9ish good-humor once the fight has ended.