Opie filters everything through his personal feelings—his respect for his “pa” means that anyone who doesn’t respect Andy gets a healthy kick in the shins for  good measure. He’s often offended by other people’s behaviors, especially if he doesn’t think they are doing the right thing—when a bunch of FBI agents swarm into town, and dismiss the local sheriff involvement, Opie asks his pa if he shouldn’t be right in the middle of things, considering this is his town and all. A blunt child who doesn’t see any point in hiding his feelings, Opie is openly delighted, sad, or upset. He also shares whatever the adults have said around him, meaning he gets his father into trouble with the local pharmacist when he innocently talks about her ‘trapping’ Andy into marriage and such. He doesn’t want Aunt Bee there the first time she turns up, because she is replacing his beloved former housekeeper, so he rudely refuses to eat her food. Opie loves the great outdoors, and fishing. In fact, he thinks Aunt Bee is “helpless” because she can’t do anything “useful” (according to his standards, she can’t even bait her own darn fish hook!). He is always running around town, getting into trouble, popping in at the sheriff’s station to see what exciting thing is happening, scarfing down food, or making the most of an opportunity, such as when the druggist offers him free ice cream. Opie tends to react to things in the moment, and decide against them if they require too much effort or promise a hard life – such as when he contemplates ‘running away,’ and then realizes he won’t have good cooking, so he chooses to stay at home instead.

Enneagram: 9w8 sp/so

Opie is a good and compassionate boy, who is always up to something comforting. He loves to do anything that makes him happy, like go boating or fishing with his dad, but he also has a temper and can get riled up rather easily. He will tell people off if he feels they aren’t being nice to his pa, or respecting his position. Opie will also kick people in the shins from time to time if he feels they deserve punishment. Then he will go on about his day and act as if nothing ever happened. He likes his comforts, and too much upheaval or disappointment in the house upsets him. Though he doesn’t initially want Aunt Bee around, when he realizes he has hurt her feelings, Opie is apologetic and begs her to stay, insisting that he will show her how to take care of herself, since she needs it!