Alice has a bubbly personality, and spends a great deal of her time influencing others’ emotions, interfering in their lives, and helping them make the “right choices.” She tends to believe she knows how people should feel. She has Jasper “mess with” Bella’s emotions, so Bella can be in the mood Alice believes she shouldbe in (Fe wanting an emotional consensus and for Bella not to be an individual). If she stopped to think about it, she might realize Bella does not need to reflect Alice’s interests or values to be normal, but it’s instinctual for her to want everyone to get along and share a similar set of values. Alice is somewhat invasive in her attempts to get Bella to be more adventurous (without thinking what Bella would like, she packs a bunch of sexy lingerie in her overnight bag, and doesn’t give her much to wear on her honeymoon, since… well, she won’t be wearing clothes much, obviously, since that’s what people do on their honeymoon). She doesn’t bother hiding her contempt for werewolves at first, but over time grows fonder of them. She thinks Bella should abort the fetus, because it is hurting her, and refuses to change her opinion until other evidence arises to prove the child isn’t going to be a monster. Alice is focused on appearances and fashion, and always interested in doing things—like throwing parties, buying clothes and staying ahead of the curb in terms of trend-setting fashion, driving fast cars, playing the stock market, dressing up Bella, and designing a cottage full of beautiful things so she and Edward can enjoy their honeymoon. She is forever at Bella to get more involved and be more social, and to spend more time focusing on her appearance. Alice loves to plan things, especially grand gala events such as Bella’s wedding, in which she takes all the details upon herself, and arranges clues so Bella can find out her plan to protect their daughter. Alice on occasion has visions whose variables change (“she can see all the different outcomes”) and narrows them down to the most likely scenario, but it took a while for her to learn to trust these insights, and she will take proactive sensory action to prevent them or cause them to happen (rushing to Bella’s side once she thinks she’s dead, predicting her mother’s murder, showing Aro the most likely outcome of a battle between the Volturi and the Cullen Clan, and ‘seeing’ Jasper coming and waiting a long time for him). Under stress, Alice can be detached and even cold; she leaves Bella and Edward without a word, to protect them, but ignores any attempts to reach out to her. In the second book/film, she also ignores Bella and her pain, out of the “greater good” (inferior Ti).

Enneagram: 2w3 so/sx

Alice can be somewhat invasive in her desire to ‘help’ people—she often tries to take over Bella’s life, and for the most part, Bella allows her to make all the major decisions, from what she wears and her wedding heels to what she packs on the honeymoon. Alice offers to give her beauty tips, to do her hair, and throws parties for her. She is highly social, highly motivated to get and give attention, madly in love with Jasper, and can become ferocious whenever anyone threatens one of her loved ones. In the alternate future scenario she shows Aro, after her husband’s murder at the hands of the Volturi because Jane tortured him into weakness, Alice chases her down ruthlessly and throws her to Sam, who dismembers her. She’s all about appearances and finds it strange that Bella doesn’t take more care with how she looks. Alice loves to give makeovers. She is competitive, ambitious, and confident.