Jasper is detached and analytical; he prefers to stay out of moral arguments and remain neutral in family conflicts. After being first turned, Jasper used his detachment to create, train, and execute newborns. He prided himself on his ability to “control my emotions.” Logic motivates many of his opinions and decisions – although after being with Alice, he has been able to connect more and handle his intense emotions. He lied and manipulated his way into the army, where he served as an officer, and was turned into a vampire, because someone saw his potential for training newborns and pushing them to the limits of their endurance. Whenever the Cullens need battle practice or training, they turn to Jasper, who tells and shows them how to fight. He also teaches the Wolves. Jasper is so hyper-attentive during the battle with Victoria’s newborns, he “tries to be everywhere at once,” protecting everyone—and winds up hurt. His tendency to be unable to control himself in the moment means he’s the most volatile and unpredictable of the Cullens – he tries to attack Bella after she bleeds at her birthday party. He’s the first to speculate Victoria is “raising an army of Newborns,” which turns out to be correct. Jasper has many gut instincts, but often ignores them; he accurately suspects what Victoria is doing, but dismisses it until he finds proof. He develops negative futuristic viewpoints and worries over his family and friends. Jasper felt adrift until he found Alice, who helped him develop an “ideal” version of himself to work toward. He benefits from being in a stable family who can keep him on course toward controlling his impulses. He warns Bella of what she has “to look forward to” as a vampire (bloodlust). When Bella’s unborn child, and whether or not to abort it, becomes an issue in the Cullen family, Jasper does not want to alienate either side and remains neutral. He has a general feeling of goodwill (he accepts Bella into the family as being “good” for Edward). Jacob can read and influence people’s emotions; as a vampire, he started to feel “intense pain” whenever he had to kill someone – their pain. He’s amazed that Bella can so easily control her bloodlust out of concern for other people, and learns from her how to better rein in his hunger.

Enneagram: 9w1 sp/sx

Jasper was able to remain emotionally untouchable when training and even killing a newborn army for the woman he loved—and he has a sense of invasive calm that first drew Alice to him. He often uses this to attempt to control Bella’s emotions (at Alice’s request). Jasper has been somewhat passive and inert about his life, allowing things to happen to him and not fighting against them until he met Alice, who has helped him find a stronger way—but in a sense, he’s merely adopted her lifestyle and beliefs and desires, in a passive instance of 9 merging. He feels some guilt about his former lifestyle, and prefers to avoid conflict by diminishing his own opinions and wallowing in shame about his mistakes (such as when he tries to kill Bella, after she cuts herself).