Kraven is an opportunist. Centuries ago, he and Lucian schemed together to con the vampires into thinking the great Lycan leader was dead. He didn’t really care about the potential long-term consequences of this, just about the short-term praise and attention it would garner him. Over the years, it has escalated into them working in tandem to take down Viktor and establish Kraven as King of the Vampires. He’s comfortable with risks, but also cares about watching his back. When Selene starts sniffing around the truth, he runs to Lucian to conspire with him, despite Lucian pointing out that it’s incredibly dangerous for them to associate with each other in case he’s followed or seen. Kraven gathers men together to assassinate Viktor, only to find him already awake; he sends a different set of guards to meet Amelia’s train at the last minute, enabling the Lycans to kill everyone on board. He has lied for centuries to his own advantage and to obtain more power, while being able to talk his way out of bad situations. Kraven doesn’t care how moral or immoral his decisions are, provided it gets him ahead or keeps him alive. He exploits situations to his own advantage, but doesn’t really care much about anyone’s feelings—he uses Erika to help him escape, and as a sexual toy, then shoves her out of the car and leaves her to fend for himself. Kraven doesn’t think about how this mistreatment of others might backfire; Erika helps Selene escape, since his neglect of her feelings makes her see that Selene has to go, before he will even look at her. Kraven becomes emotional and whiny under stress, talking through his frustrations and venting his anger. But he doesn’t think about the long-term consequences of his decisions, or how they might unfold, except when they start going all wrong.

Enneagram: 3w4 sp/so

Everyone knows that Kraven is an opportunist only interested in power, who feels stymied by the Elders keeping him under such fierce control. He wants the throne, and for Selene to sit at his side, and cares very much about appearances, how she makes him look bad, etc. He tries to charm and smooth his way out of bad situations, to no effect, since Viktor isn’t having it. Centuries ago, Kraven made a deal with Lucian to serve both their purposes – he claimed to have killed him in a great battle, but in reality, the Lycan went underground. Thus, Kraven was hailed and praised as a great hero, and Lucian could work in secret toward his ultimate desire to create a hybrid. Kraven has taken this power and amassed followers in his double-plan with Lucian to kill the elders and take over the Coven for himself. He becomes more and more emotional under pressure, whining about his lack of influence and support and coveting what he can’t have (Selene) rather than settling for Erika, a willing and ready co-conspirator.