Rebekah is the only member of the Original family to have scruples about using / possessing another person’s body and caring about what she does inside of it, because that strikes her as immoral. She is fiercely competitive against Caroline, because both of them want the same thing — everyone’s attention and praise. She has no hesitation in sharing how she feels with other people; she feels things strongly and is often hurt when others dismiss, belittle, or mock her open and vulnerable heart. Rebekah has a habit of sacrificing her desires over and over again, for the sake of the family, but ultimately has had enough, and tries to establish her own life, separate from Klaus’ control; yet, she goes back to him many times, out of a sense of familial obligation. She is intensely protective of her siblings, particularly Elijah, who has always sheltered her from harm as much as he was able, and finds it hard to separate her emotions from her decisions. Her wealth of experience makes her intelligent and forward-thinking, but she finds it hard to deviate from her habitual patterns or walk away from her family. Rebekah has a long list of abuses Klaus has leveled against her, which reaffirm him as selfish, abusive, and controlling in her eyes… although because she has stuck by him for so long, she struggles to extricate herself from him. Once reentering the modern world, though she complains about some of the extreme differences (“so we all dress like tramps now?”), she quickly integrates and wants to experience all the “normal human activities,” such as organizing local events and going to the prom. Rebekah does everything from take up cheer-leading to throw parties, in an attempt to fit in and experience human sensations. Ultimately, she just wants to be “normal” and have a quiet life, with a loving husband and children. She is somewhat naive in many ways, so people often take advantage of her desire to be liked (Fe) and manipulate her. Rebekah is a romantic at heart, who is not above indulging in the novelty of things and their ultimate meaning. She is interested in new ideas and experiences, and at times accurately sees what is happening between two people, under the surface (noticing that Elijah and Hayley are romantically attracted to one another). Being ruthless against the people she loves does not come easily to her, but she has no problem analyzing situations that don’t directly involve her for leverage points and using them. She easily pits people against one another, and under extreme stress, can be very critical and harsh in her observations about other people (inferior Ti).

Enneagram: 2w3 sx/so

Rebekah desperately craves the love and affirmation from others that will let her feel accepted; she competes with Caroline to see who can come out on top. She can be manipulative, controlling, and needy, but also genuinely cares about her siblings and rushes to defend, protect, and be there for them whenever they need her. She both wants Marcel to love her, and abandons him to take care of Elijah and look after the family’s interests. She uses competence, power, and influence to draw others to her. She has a dramatic wing that makes her assertive, desirous of appearing beautiful and successful, and romantic. She can be unscrupulous at times in how she deals with their enemies. Rebekah falls to unhealthy 8 behaviors (disintegration) under stress, attacking whatever she hates most and using dominance and aggression to get what she wants, pushing away from her feelings in the process.