He is good at quickly sizing up a situation and deciding what the most logical course of action is. Tyler is impatient in his desire to fix things or find solutions. He is a man of few words, who notices inconsistencies in other people’s arguments and points out their logic “fails.” Tyler can be blunt in his assessment of other people, and they are sometimes hurt by his frank opinions. Tyler is a star athlete who takes pride in his appearance, has expensive taste, enjoys beautiful things, and is always seeking out new and exciting physical experiences. He is observant of his environment and quick to respond to the unexpected. In the first season, he was mostly hedonistic in his pursuit of a good time, but he has matured and become more down to earth. Tyler can be unpredictable and impulsive, seizing opportunities as he sees them; this is a good thing when it comes to protecting his friends, and bad when it comes to letting his temper gain control of him. Though not introspective by nature, Tyler also visualizes what he wants and sets about getting it, whether that involves freeing all the hybrids from their sire bond to Klaus or pursuing Caroline as a romantic interest. Though it is not his dominant instinct, Tyler often knows when other people are lying to him or concealing their true motivations. His desire to be part of a pack drives him to seek out others like himself and bond with them. He wants to protect the pack and is angry at Hayley for betraying others to pursue her own agenda. Tyler takes comfort in being able to talk about his feelings and experiences as he transitions into a werewolf with Caroline. He shies away from conflict, but also has trouble containing his emotions. He frequently has uncontrolled emotional outbursts (the byproduct of his werewolf temper). Tyler is also oblivious to how others are feeling, as evidenced by his relationship with Vikki Donovan in the first season; he wants to have sex with her all the time, but for no one to know they are in a relationship, since it might embarrass him in front of his father.

Enneagram: 8w9 sp/sx

Tyler hates Klaus controlling him so much, he endures incredible pain and torture just to break his compulsion. He stands up to him and isn’t afraid of him, defying him on numerous occasions and taking direct action to thwart his plans (he even attempts to kill Hayley’s unborn child, out of concern of what it might do). He also has an uncontrollable temper, which means he never walks away from a fight. He is aggressive, and often pushes people’s buttons, standing up to them, defending himself and others against them and even winding up being a vampire hunter alongside Jeremy. He somewhat unapologetically goes after whatever he wants, until he learns to control his hedonistic impulses (he even attempts to assault Vikki by not taking no for an answer when she refuses to make-out with him in the woods), and then he turns his aggression toward protecting people. Tyler doesn’t like unnecessary conflict and feels somewhat cowed by his abusive, temperamental father; but he will take crap from no one else. He also ignores people and tunes out of situations in which he feels uncomfortable, choosing to be something of a loner in the process.