Zia is a bad-ass who cannot wait to get to the island, and leaps out of the truck to see a dinosaur up close and personal. She thinks fast in the woods, when they attack Blue and Owen and shoot them both with trank darts, by grabbing someone’s gun and turning it on them. She then barters for her life by pointing out the fact that they need her to save Blue’s life, or the raptor will bleed out. She realizes Blue is losing too much blood and needs a transfusion, so she sends Owen and Claire to get one from the T-Rex, since she knows its blood will be compatible. She leaves a lot of the “tech stuff” to other people, since it’s largely hands-off (computers don’t interest her as much as being an animal doctor). Zia shows some low Fe in that she is both assertive, and able to talk other people through things (though she’s also somewhat abrasive in how she speaks to them). She has a general concern for the welfare of animals, and knows when she’s over her head with people (she turns the phone over to Claire at one point when raising support to save the dinosaurs on the island, because she has run out of patience for this congresswoman). Zia shows no real flashes of insight or long-term thinking.

Enneagram: 8w7 sp/so

Zia is pretty upfront about everything; when a congresswoman asks her if she’s ever been to Jurassic Park, she retorts that no, she’s poor and can’t be throwing around thousands of dollars on a whim, unlike rich people. She doesn’t listen to anyone other than herself, ignoring a direct order to stay in the truck in favor of leaping out to see a dinosaur. She confronts Wu and tells him that he can’t use the Raptor’s blood to make new dinosaurs, since she “polluted it” with T-Rex blood, and “it’s a sock drawer in there now.” She then opens the Raptor cage and sets the animal on two men who intend to shoot her and her friend. She angrily stands up to the man who has betrayed them and is taking Blue home for reasons of his own. She’s eager to go on an adventure, excited to be out in the real world rather than sitting behind a desk, and has a dark sense of humor.

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