Felix is an “odd guy” by other people’s standards—somewhat socially awkward and inclined to over-estimate his sensory skills (he signs up to DJ at a gig and it’s a colossal failure, both his “bomb” helmet and his overall performance levels). He’s forever looking for things to do, and talking endlessly about what he loves, and coming up with weird metaphors that everyone else finds a bit peculiar – when crushing on the girl that he likes, he says she should look for an angler fish – because the male angler fishes search the sea for their mate, then latch into her, and leave a piece of themselves there, after she swims away – and they are happy just to have touched her. (Aww.) He tries not to be offended by how others treat him, but it does get to him – he’s jealous and possessive of his girlfriend and upset that she doesn’t want to admit to being with him (but also desperate to “make it happen again” and over-zealous in “liking” all of her Instagram photos). He tolerates being bullied at school, but finally confronts the person who started the mean  rumors about him and tells him off for being a jerk. Felix invites Lake into his hoarder parents’ apartment, after seeing into “her life,” thus leveling the playing field and showing her that no one is perfect, and everyone has things they’re ashamed about. He is sentimental about a few things, such as his favorite bands and such, but isn’t too nostalgic or concerned with details.

Enneagram: 7w6 so/sx

Felix is a good-natured goofball who just wants to have a good time. Though Victor initially hurts his feelings by saying they aren’t friends, they barely know each other, and leave me alone, when Victor apologizes a few hours later and asks if he’s still going to the gig that night, Felix invites him along all over again and pretends like the insult never happened. He has a busy brain and a busy mouth, and is always looking for things to draw his attention away from his unfortunate home life, his being bullied at school, and his disappointments. He looks for ways to encourage his friends and uplift them, by focusing on the positive rather than the negative. But he also wants to be included in a group, to have friends, and to be thought of as an equal. Felix looks for ways to make people like him and stay connected to them. He can rethink things, feel doubt, and be insecure at times, especially about his attractiveness and reputation.