Jeremy has trouble at first with his girlfriend, because in his opinion, she lets Tyler treat her like “crap” – he asserts time and again that she ought to be true to herself and not need other people’s approval to be content; he tends to be blunt and open with his feelings, but also withdrawn and private (he closes out Elena and his aunt, Jenna, when he’s going through anguish after a death). He tends to prioritize his own emotional needs and desires above others – such as when he uses another girl to gain information about vampires, intending to die and become one to be with Vicky, leaving the new girl in the lurch. He lives in the moment. He’s an artist who loves to translate what he sees into his own unique style. He has trouble with over-indulgence in drugs and alcohol, but less so than Vicky; he even complains that “all we ever do is get high all the time.” Jeremy wants more out of life than that. Whatever feeling he’s having, clouds his entire life – he’s stuck there, wallowing in it, unable to see a way out, or convinced he must do a single thing (like become a vampire) to survive. He has cutting insights into other people and intuitive hunches that Elena is keeping things from him. His inferior Te tends to be frank, honestly assessing situations and delivering zingers when he’s upset, but Jeremy slacks off in school, does not see the point of studying, and has no ambition.

Enneagram: 4w5 sx/sp

Jeremy doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about him, and goes out of his way to be different from other people. He skips school to do drugs based on his feelings of alienation and his deep love for Vicki, but then frankly tells her that he wants to do more than “get high all the time.” He longs for what he cannot have—the girlfriends who have left him—to the point where Elena has his memories taken away from him, so he can heal. Jeremy wants to become a vampire and goes to great lengths to try and kill himself with his vamp girlfriend’s blood inside of him. He doesn’t shy away from deep-diving into all of his most intense emotions, the happy ones or the sad ones, in vivid contrast with his sister, who has a super-ego telling her what to do and what’s right and wrong. His art is morbid and often dark, focused on vampires, werewolves, curses, etc. What’s forbidden to him, like dating Bonnie, is more alluring to him than what’s available and acceptable.